The Hello

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Alright Guv! Alright Gary!

Have yourself a rip roarer of a Saturday Matey!

Gary of Bereaved Single Dad

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Valentine’s Day Competition! 2020

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Check it out!


Gary’s Topic

Gary’s 5 Track – Artist Choice




Art must be life — it must belong to everybody.

Marina Abramović

Here’s Your Five Tracks of Shinedown Gary – Enjoy!

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Have a superly marvelous Saturday folks!

12 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. A brilliant band for an awesome dude! I hope your 🌟 magic works for him🤞

    I hope you have an amazing Saturday! Coffee with the lovely Suze is on Saturdays, is it not? Hopefully no seagulls🤞😒

    I’m off to get some sleep before The Bounce. Catch ya on the flip side💃🏼💌

    1. Top of the wet day to you Angie 🙂

      Normally it would be coffee , but Suze has an appointment today – so it’s off for today, l was going to work in the garden but am feeling worn, so will take a day off and catch up on some of the blog reading and prompts – resume gardening next week – l am ahead of schedules as s, so all is well 🙂

      Yes, let’s hope the Star brings some luck to good ol’ Gary.

      Here’s wishing you get some decent sleep before the bounce 🙂

    2. That’s so kind of you. xxxxxx They are brilliant live. So much energy. They also get life. When I saw them at Manchester they played an Oasis song as a tribute to those who suffered in the bombing at the venue. Not a dry eye in the house.

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