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Season 4 – 501 –

Caravan Tips …. Winter 2010

“The Do’s, Don’ts and Discoveries of living in a caravan during winter:

1] DON’T Do It! [Can’t get much simpler than that]

2] DON’T Do It Ever Again [Learn from your first error]

3] Wearing socks in bed, may not be sexy! But becomes a special treat and more so when your feet look the same colour as the rest of your body the next morning upon waking!

4] A Discovery – but why are quilt covers not just awkward to fit, but nigh on impossible to fit when you’re cold?”


“Oh, I wish I lived in a caravan!’ said Jimmy longingly. ‘How lovely it must be to live in a house that has wheels and can go away down the lanes and through the towns, and stand still in fields at night!”

Enid Blyton, Mr Galliano’s Circus


“Sorry? Oh right – how romantic it is to live in a caravan? That’s what l thought you said … sorry? Any advice? YES, don’t bother especially if you enjoy your life!”

Rory Matier


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6 thoughts on “Random Quotes 505#

  1. I’ve always loved that Sabbath song, the other one is new to me but I like it. Trippy groove.

    It might, MIGHT be fun to live in a house on wheels, NOT a parked trailer in the middle of nowhere with no heat🥶 or air conditioning🥵.

    Any roof is better than NO roof though… It has been near freezing here overnight the past week and I feel so bad for the homeless people. Thank goodness there hasn’t been any rain!

  2. not a caravan yet I have a yearning to travel about in a campervan, mobile home thing sort of..that has heating 🙃

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