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Quirky Garden Hacks!! – 5

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Season 3 – Autumn/Winter 2019/20

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Quirky Garden Hacks!! – 5



“Vinegar! Gardeners call me Malt for short!”

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Today’s hack is all about Vinegar be this ‘malt or distilled’, makes no true odds – personally l always use malt [brown] in the garden.

I have been very busy this week, taking full advantage of the sun whilst we have it, as there is a weather warning for Kent for this coming weekend and apparently more rain … “Oh goody, because we haven’t had enough of that!!” So this week all my jobs have to be done before the rainy weekend arrives. So  far l am on schedule – tomorrow’s composting is Turn 8 and that is a sieve Turn, so the weather really needs to be good for that.

Today was ‘cleaning day’ – l had to clean the glass house concerete floor, the aluminium tables for inside the glass house, the tools and some of the ceramic clay pottery. Malt vinegar is ideal for these jobs.

Vinegar is a natural product that can aid you in the house and the garden too.

IMG_3311 (2)

Concrete floor before vinegar cleaning.

You can use vinegar for a host of tasks from pest deterrents  which includes ‘Deter ‘ants’ – did you see what l did there? Deterants! To slug and snail managements, weed control in pathways, cleaning agents for rust prevention,  cleaning your clay pots,  keeping cats, rabbits, mice and rats, foxes and reptiles like garden snakes off the garden zones, a direct to use weed killer,  fly spray, a fungal treatment on plants, cleaning your birdbaths or earthenware vessels and containers.

I use vinegar on the glass house concrete floor deliberately for its acid like properties – it can seep into the pores and award a deeper clean. It might be a different matter if the floor was sealed as the same properties can etch the materials, however our floor here is far from sealed. For me, l pour the vinegar directly onto the floor neat and then vigorously brush it in with a stiff bristled yard broom and then wash it off with water, brush it again, rinse it and continue. I only apply the vinegar once.

After vinegar cleaning process.

I used vinegar on the ‘ally table’ as well and it brings all the panels up a treat…

… so with the floor clean and the table and wooden panels cleaned with vinegar you know you are heading into the new season ‘clean and fungal free’. With the greenhouse now season ready, even with the rains forecast for next week l can work on planting seedlings in the cleaner environment of the greenhouse.

But you can also use the vinegar on your tools …. 

… l only use a few tools each season, a plastic rake, a shovel and a spade, a hoe and lawn edge cutter, a pitchfork and a griddle rake for the compost and raised bed screening. But cleaning them [tools] will shift determined dirt and help to prevent rust. At the end of the season you could dress them in vaselin to protect them further. I use other smaller tools, but my heavy duty tools are subjected to a vinegar wash.

But also you can use the vinegar on the likes of earthenware containers and clay/ceramic pots. I am still to clean my main body of clay pots and also next week l will clean the bird bath out.

So the wonderful hack of malt or distilled vinegar in practical application.

Anyway, there we go, another garden hack for your quirky pleasure!

l’ll take my leave of you now

Thanks for reading everyone, till the next time …

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    1. Excellent – do you have this weather warning as well for the weekend? I have today and tomorrow to get the final few jobs started and hopefully finished 🙂

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