Ha ha ha …ahh, What do you find funny?

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Ha ha ha …ahh, What do you find funny?

Currently in the process of creating the Mini Series for Theme Times this week entitled When We Were Young! , the series is looking back at the television programmes of the 50’s to the later 60’s specifically and is covering a list that Suze and l created on the weekend concerning programmes that we watched as kids. This list covers many genres such as sci-fi, drama, cartoon, entertainment, animation, western and …comedy?

I find ‘comedy or humour or even laughable content’ very hard to process. Now by this l mean … l know what l find funny be this in the entertainment industry or life, but l am sometimes confused by what others class as humour or comical. When creating the Universal Greeting posts for the first post of the day and we will use today’s as the example The HelloSadje of Keep it Alive selected Humour for the quote topic and so what l endeavour to achieve is pick two images that represent the quote topic – one is for the visual heading and the other is for the quote.


Whilst using  Pixabay  and looking for a ‘Humour’ image l find that the selection is somewhat slim – Humour as a topic produced 14 pages and l struggled to find suitable ‘humour’ images and ended up selecting a ‘laughing horse’ as the lead in … then l used an image to best support the quote used about ‘brains!’

If you are trying to find an image that you can use to best display humour to the reader – what do you opt for when selecting? How do you define humour on a universal level – what’s funny – image wise? Have you found images that make you laugh out loud?

Below are three images from Pixabay that made me smile but not laugh …do you find these funny? If so, why? If not, why not?




Then l found three on Imgflip that again, no laugh but made me smile …same questions to you?




In my opinion, NONE of the above images are what l would class as ‘funny’, but they can be used to represent humour … and that then leads me to the question of … what is actually funny in the first place?

What do you find funny?

Do you find that humour is best served to you in image form or actual moments in life and or do you find your best humour in words delivered by comedians or the films in the right way – now a lot of questions – but tell me – how do you find images for humour, what do you find funny and what makes you laugh?

Let me know below your answers, opinions, observations below. Thanks.

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15 thoughts on “Ha ha ha …ahh, What do you find funny?

  1. I find the images you’ve used as funny! They make me smile, make me feel happy. That is the purpose of humor. Very rarely an image will make anyone laugh out loud, unless there was a whole story behind it, which they knew.

  2. What do you find funny? That’s a tough question and one I’m borrowing for “Share Your World” next week (with credit give to you of course). For myself, regarding movie or TV ‘humor’ … I like shows that actually have a good plot and good writing. I really enjoyed “The Big Bang Theory”, because although I don’t think it was meant to be overtly funny, it had (in my opinion) high brow comedy. I’ve adored Monte Python and John Cleese for years and years, so that kind of comedy is also something I really enjoy and find very very funny indeed. I like Benny Hill. I have watched British shows like “Are You Being Served” and “Keeping Up Appearances” and laughed my fool head off at them. Juvenile humor (bathroom jokes, toilet humor, blatant sexual innuendo) leave me pretty cold, but I have laughed sometimes at it.
    In ‘real’ life I enjoy all sorts of ‘comedy’ and I find the oddest things funny sometimes – it’s mean I know, but physical ‘comedy’ makes me roar. I posted something for Fandango recently that showcases what I mean…it was a small video off You tube of people doing incredibly stupid stunts and getting their come uppance when the stunt failed and they fell down, smacked their gob, hit objects or face planted. I realize that facet of my sense of humor is a mean little girl, but I laugh anyway.
    I LOVE word humor – puns, word play and the like. I’ll smile or laugh every time.
    More seriously, I find it funny (non-humorous of course) that the world is getting so much stupider and entitled. It’s odd. It’s disturbing. And I BET nobody is laughing very much except those who have drunk the kool-aid..

  3. Animals doing silly things, or like cats falling off stuff or missing their target when they jump…that’s funny.

    Like Melanie, I’m a Monty Python fan and a slapstick, fart joke kinda gal. I also like Seinfeld. I can relate to everyday ridiculousness!

    Puns, sarcasm, comments in a different context… I find LIFE very amusing! Even the rotten stuff has funny moments in hindsight.

  4. I don’t find those images funny. Can’t watch videos right now. In general, I find wordplay the funniest form of humor as long as it’s not racist. I don’t generally find physical comedy (pratfalls etc) to be amusing. I know a lot of people who did a bunch of those for laughs suffered terrible back pain later. To me, falling = pain. It’s not funny. I don’t usually find bathroom humor funny, though if a little kid is being gleeful about discovering a “naughty” potty word, I’ll laugh. If an adult is using potty humor, I’ll roll my eyes. Sex jokes can be funny, with the caveat that I’ve heard all of them before so it had better be new!

    Yeah, I’m a tough crowd 🤣

  5. This is a tough question, indeed! Never thought of why I think some things funny and others not, except for a few I never thought funny at all, like situations where people, or animals could be hurt, insulting put-downs (so-called humor) and outright crude vulgarity. Innuendos are different, since they leave it up to the audience to interpret just what is intended or their own mental translation of the meaning. Sometimes childish naughtiness is funny to me, like the bananas picture. 😊

    I have a strong sense of irony and so do my children. It has been a real blessing, having brought us through some extremely difficult times over the years! If an experience or incident is just so exaggerated and out of proportion to the Norm to believe this could happen, sometimes it is just too ridiculous to take serious. Then, other times it is just too funny that the same (bad) thing keeps happening over and over and when you finally get it, you just have to laugh at yourself for taking so long! Sometimes it’s good, too, to laugh during tough times just to relieve the pain. We love word plays, puns, etc. and have a common (inherited?) trait of speaking in spoonerisms and find that extremely funny because we haven’t the least problem understanding what the person is saying – or intended to say.

    I didn’t understand the cartoon with the alligator or the Micky Mouse head, but thought the others cute or funny. I do love animal pictures. Sometimes their expressions are so human-like! 😆 And I thoroughly enjoyed the TedTalks videos!

    Thanks for asking, Rory, for stimulating us all to think about it AND for another great post!😊
    Wishing you a good and restful night, Dear.

    1. Hey Betty what a wonderfully detailed response – many thanks – l love answers l can bite into 🙂

      Yes l also didn’t quite understand some of those ‘humour images’ – but then they weren’t funny funny to me, more like play on puns or play on what used to be Mickey Mouse reminded me of Men in Black so maybey Mouse in Black or something?

      Keep well, keep smiling – it’s free 🙂

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