Three in a Row

Three in a Row

Season 1 – Game 1

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Game Prompts Directory – Three in a Row!

Three in a Row is a twice monthly feature.

All who take part in Three in a Row Games Series will be awarded 5 Happy points each!

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See Happy Points Counter Directory

It’s up to you my friend, you can choose to do all three games, or play just one instead.

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What’s Your Story Then?

Series 1 – Game 6


Word Story – What’s Your Story Then? Created by A Guy Called Bloke

Once Weekly Writing Prompt

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What’s Your Story Then?

Word Story is simplicity itself … with a twist!

All you need to do is write a piece of flash fiction of no more than 300 words on the Prompt of the Day  using words you create from the Word of the Day!

Word of the Day

Prompt of the Day


“The Owl Eater Ruffles Feathers Too!”

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The Things People Say!

Series 1 – Game 3

The Things People Say Directory

The Things People Say!

The nature of this game for the writer is to Create and Flash Fictionalise a story of no more than 300 words on a snippet of eavesdropped conversation that l provide.

Last weeks ‘eavesdropped snippet’ “Yes it’s really nice looking, BUT NO that’s just way too big for my tiny mouth!! If it was in there, all l would do is drool and dribble over it, so NO!” Circa – 2009

This was a comment l overheard between two girls sharing a bag of ‘Monster Jawbreaker Gobstoppers!’ They had just bought from the sweet shop in the village. There were two sizes of the sweet in question and one of the girls was showing off by shoving the larger hot sweet into her mouth and offering a large one to her friend – who declined.


Jawbreaker Gobstopper Sweets example Image By Ixnayonthetimmay 

Today’s Eaves Dropped Conversation Snippet is … from 2006

“Stop ramming it in so hard George, let it slide in naturally!”

… So, what can you do with this – if you didn’t know the story?

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A Guy Called Bloke Feature Ridikky



Some things in life are true, others are false and some are just plain Riddikky – your job is to try and determine if my Riddikky is actually Riddikky or just unusual and true or horribly false!

Then once you have determined that – using your Underlined Riddikky Prompt Clues create a 200 word Flash Fiction tale or poem using the Topical Prompt Phrase.

Don’t forget though at the bottom of your entry to provide the answers to the questions – using the words –  ‘True, False or Riddikky!’

Last weeks Answers were: True, True, True, True, False, True, False, True

Topical Prompt Phrase – “Don’t Tickle Me There!!”


Charles Darwin enjoyed strange eating habits – but he didn’t eat the Beagle!


The Offiziersmesser was not a Swiss Army Knife to begin with!


160 Million Frogs Legs are consumed a year in France!


St Bernard is the Patron Saint to Brandy Barrels!


Right, Aye Eye Skipper was not a patch on Lord Nelson at Trafalgar!


In what sense was the sixth sense to our 9 senses?


The yellow staining of nicotine is a horrible affair!


Caterpillar balls are not as popular as moth balls, but only one pair aids fabric and that is?

So … to recap in the world of ‘RiDDiKKy15 9ths and 31 Shades of’ – There are 8 statements above – some are just Riddikky, others are unusual and true and some are horribly false! Your task is to determine what is what, then using the underlined prompts create a 200 word Flash Fiction Tale, Story or Poem on the topical Prompt of …. “Don’t Tickle Me There!!”

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Ridikky

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Coming to a Screen Near You Soon!

A Guy Called Bloke Feature The Twelve Bloggerz with faces

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