Blogging Insights #15 – Vroooooooooom! To Affinity and Beyond!


Blogging Insights # 15 — Traffic and Growth? – Prompt byTanya of Salted Caramel



How often, if at all, do you check your blog statistics?

When l first began blogging and this blog in particular which was September 2017 – the statistics was a major concern for me – l used to think will they ever move? Will they ever rise?  Will they …..?

But that is no different to all new bloggers even the ones who stiffly maintain they don’t look at their stats when they first begin/began – trust me they do – it’s a natural behaviour with all new things. We can’t help ourselves.

However as time progresses and we settle into developing who we are as an online personality and identity, we start to realise that there is NO need to continually check the stats in a panicked way.

Now to the question … how often?

Every day l take five minutes reviewing my stats – l think that is a healthy action – l have now been blogging for 30 months – note l wrote months and not 2 and a half years – l wrote it this way because l have 30 months of deliberate and specific information at hand with my statistics. I can landmark various events with these figures and l can peruse my daily averages as well.

As a blog that wishes to venture into the commercial business zone – irrelevant to whether the blog does that directly or not – the stats are all important.

Do l panic over these figures anymore? No, l stopped that somewhere in Spring 2018 – now l enjoy the figures, use them to my advantage and learn from them. Respect your stats these are always important to your enthusiastic blog of today and the future of your motivation tomorrow.

Everyone checks their stats and everyone does it daily.


What methods do you use to increase reader engagement?

There are many ways to effectively increase reader engagement and l employ quite a few strategies … l will run with certain tests first as pilots as an example and then make decisions based upon the findings. Sometimes new games are slow to take off – but if you run them for a season that awards you ample time to judge the reader reaction more thoroughly.

Designing posts which ask questions, like ‘Blogging Insights’, asking questions directly from your readership regarding ideas you have, hosting guest blogger spots, creative engagement and blog inclusion posts, posts allowing for your personality to shine through meaning readers can see the person and not just the blogger this encourages resonation, run contests, prompts, games and competitions … the beauty of blogging is that it is still a young industry with no concrete rules about ‘how to’ because every writer/creator is different to the next – my philosophy is usually, “Build it and they will come … or not and ‘just run with it, see what happens!’

Create content for readers to respond to …. works every time!

Our readerships teach us what they want more of – so the secret then is to find your happy balance.

BUT, what is important to realise and accept is this  … reader engagement is ALL Important – too many bloggers pretend to write for no audience and they have to stop that and wake up and smell the coffee – they started a blog because they wanted their words, their opinions and views, their art, their creations, their stories and or their books to come to life through people reading … excepting the onus of responsibility as to why the blog was initially created is the key element here.


Do you actively promote your blog on social media?  

Personally – no. When l first began l did – l had Twitter and Facebook – but l shut those down as in disabled the connection [although l deleted Twitter] in Spring 2018 as l considered them ineffective at the time for my direction. This is not saying they are useless – but they have to be used in the right supportive ways.

You have to identify your market audience share and where you want to appeal to them from first…

In the future of this year l have plans for a new Facebook feature to open up in connection to one of the new Blogger GOSSop features called Coffee Chatz – but it will be a closed group that is connected to this blog only.

Way too many bloggers instantly grab as much new social media as they can for their blog – but to run with these effectively you need lots of time to build up each community. For me, that is just one pathway to ‘overwhelm’ and also – l don’t like all the supportive medias.

I will not use Twitter ever again due to their administrations and new changes in policy with regards certain demographs – Facebook will be used and perhaps towards the end of the year Pinterest and Instagram but only because of the new Tee Shirt designs that are being created for the blog and some of the new series

Social media for me is an entity that needs to be worked in properly to my main feature which is this blog – and not to be performed willy nilly which leads to errors and overwhelm, wasted time and energies.


Thanks for the questions Tanya.

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  1. I really DONT look at my stats very often. Sometimes not for weeks.🤷🏼‍♀️ My blog is still pretty small. If it grows, it grows… if it shrinks, it shrinks🤷🏼‍♀️ I still, 3 years later, spend more time on other people’s blogs than I do on my own.😂

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