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Plenty for 20! – 7

Month Behind, Month Ahead

As one of the new series for 2020 – PLenty for 20 started in January with 6 shiny episodes launching the series itself – however from this point onwards and for the remainder of this year – the series will only produce between 1/2 episodes per month highlighting and promoting both new series and new features planned for introduction and commencement for that month.

So, what is being introduced this month February 2020?

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Okay – well from tomorrow in The Hello – A Universal Greeting post , l will be promoting the new ‘Valentines Day’ Writing Competition for those interested in taking part in this Romantically Saucy Romp!’ The Competition will begin Friday 7th and finish on Friday 21st – so this awards entrants plenty of time – anyway – more tomorrow on this!

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Introduced as a newer ‘feature’ this month on an already existing series is the new “Three In A Row”  Game Prompt. I know that both Paula of Light Motifs II and Sadje of Keep it Alive respectively are keen on the various games that l have introduced for this year and they are just starting to prick and arouse the curiosity in others too like Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind , Cheryl of The Bag Lady and Christine of Stine Writing.

Three In a Row Blue Back

From tomorrow l will publishing the first ‘Three In A Row’ posts and this displays all three game prompts together ‘under one roof’ – this way everyone can see the three games and choose which one they wish to do. This was brought around due to 1] comments seen that readers missed the games and 2] because offering the three together offers an easier prompt option to readers and responders alike. No one has to do all three, although they can if they wish – but they can at least see the weeks games all at once.

Staying on the subject of games – a new game that will be seen making it’s first appearance this month, but will not be launching properly until around April/May time will be ‘The 12 Bloggerz’ – the image below is NOT the design to support the game – but is principally the first phase of promotion’. The 12 Bloggerz will be an Adventurous Wordery Game’ …. ‘think Jumanji and Dictionary’ sort of thing. More on this in later episodes.

A Guy Called Bloke Feature The Twelve Bloggerz

Seasonally – the month of February has a few dates that will be celebrated in the first post of the day … Universal Greetings – Seasonal Events , most notably the following for this month ..

A Guy Called Bloke Banner World Cancer Day JPEG

4th February

A Guy Called Bloke Valentine Banner

14th February

A Guy Called Bloke Banner Canada National Flag Day JPEG

15th February

A Guy Called Bloke Banner Family Day JPEG

17th February

A Guy Called Bloke Banner Groundhog Day JPEG

I can only but appologise to the Groundhogs who celebrated their day on the 2nd – oops my bad – will get it right next year! Maybe the trailer below will make you feel better? I am only a day out …

Starting later this month is a new series called The Studio Workshop – which will incorporate one feature and three series …. it will become home to :

The 13th Post

The Cynical Realist Blogger

Deep in the Amazon

The Neutralism Plus Club

This will be a series that looks at positivity, motivation, monetisation theories and making money online – as well as looking at blogging – but it will not be a typical ‘how to series’ it will be a practical hands on Workshop where l hope to attract guest writers who alongside myself will create content posts for the Workshop on their experiences of making money online.

Readers to the series will be asked for written and interactive contribution in the form of input and ideas, knowledge and experiences and perhaps together as a community of like minded thinkers we can create a formula for securing ideas for making an income online.

This is probably not a series for everyone and so because of that it will be password only entry. But more on that in the next episodes to come.

Anyway, for the time being – thanks for reading, and l’ll catch you later this year!

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