Gifting the Compliment

Gifting the Compliment

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This is a compliment from my blog to you and yours …

… an appreciation as a reader of published content – be that to a written post, a prompt or series you have created, a topical or entertaining story, a fantasy tale, a beautiful poem or charming rhyme –  it is something you wrote and something that l read – which may at times and quite oft is the occasion, be long after you originally wrote it- l am always behind in my reading of everyone’s blogs – which l think is a good thing because l am able to appreciate the ‘afterwards’ of the post.

 But l loved it, liked it, appreciated it, found it funny, understood the depth to it , understood you because of it, it was relatable to me – whatever the reason is  … l wanted to express my compliments to you for your post and the way it touched me at the time that l read it.

But equally these are great published posts that may not have been seen by others the first time around and hopefully they will now take the time to read them and further appreciate them, as l have.

Although the ‘Compliment’ is not an award, l have noticed that at times the ‘internal WordPress’ notification systems do NOT work and those that l am complimenting are not even aware of this post presence or that they have been complimented.

There is no ‘ceremony or pomp’ attached to these Compliments – there is no call to action to respond – there is no additional tagging, no questions to answer – it is just a compliment and purely a gift of thanks.

However, what is the point to being complimented if you don’t even know that? So, in addition to this published post, l will leave an additional comment on your most recent published post before l close my blog down for the day at 10.30pm UK time just to say  ‘You have been Complimented’ with a link to this published post in case the notification has landed in your spam or you haven’t seen it.

Gifting the Compliment is simply my way of saying to you ….

‘Hey I really liked that post you created and l wanted to let you know with this compliment!’

There is no need for you to do anything else – you don’t have to respond if you do not wish to, l am not fishing for compliments back – l am complimenting you for the great content you have produced –  you don’t even have to acknowledge it, if you want to say thanks – great, if not – great – l know a lot of people become a little edgy with compliments – how you respond and react or not is down to you. 

Rory Matier

For more information please refer to the The Sticky Ickiness of Particulars  which explains the creation and introduction of ‘Gifting the Compliment’.


To date 60+ Gifted Compliments have been awarded, you can see them


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Gifting the Compliment - Flower Version JPEG

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