Dear Blog – 16.55 – 01/02/20

The ‘It’s not my responsibility!’ Clan!


Well whose responsibility is it then?

When did our world become so timid? When did society start to become so reticent about taking responsibility for their actions? When did industry stop taking the onus of ownership to their problems?

When did the world stop caring?

These aren’t sudden observations of mine, l have seen them coming for quite some time … but it doesn’t mean that l am ever less frustrated or irked by their presence, it just means that sadly l have become accustomed to the problems being part of our lives. What choices have we had? We have to accept that this is the way of our modern world.

People scream ” Fear robots, they will take our jobs!!” I don’t know why they scream this … because most of society acts like clones, drones and robots anyway – digitalisation is already here and it is running and managing our technologies and in a lot of cases, very well … but not all. Robots currently cannot replace humans – not until they fully manipulate the emotional side properly so that you can’t tell the difference … and yet what is spooky about that, is l struggle personally to see the human emotion side in people  anyway?

When did ‘direct talk’ become known as being ‘rude?’ When did making formal and justified complaints fall under abusive behaviour? When did people start completely and utterly acting like sheep and yet that is so unfair to sheep – so l will tell myself off there “Rory, stop that! Sheep are Sheople too!”

I despair the shape of our world, in some areas we have leapt forwards in huge leaps and bounds and yet in other areas, we fall by the wayside? Go figure that?

On the 28th January l ordered 24 plastic boxes from a well known online general hardwear store and l paid extra for next day delivery. I got the boxes in a great clearance sale – but they were the right size and at the right price to do the job at hand – l even wrote about them earlier this week 366 Days of Gardening! [E2 – W4] and about how they were ideal for the job at hand.

So, l received confirmation from the seller that l had paid and l would receive them on the 29th January. Great! Except they didn’t turn up that day and so l started to follow my tracking information and saw that the ‘consignment’ had not reached the depot of the transporter. Okay, no biggie – they will probably be delivered on the 30th. Except that didn’t happen either.

So, l started the process of trying to get information … from a system that is handled only by l discover – digitalisation. I see that the tracking has now got displayed that the consignment is not even at the depot like it suggested it was.

By this time l have got three digital services speaking to me concerning my consignment – l have the platform of the seller, the middle ‘man’ platform that the seller uses as a communication between the seller and the transporter and the platform of the actual transporter. Despite requests from me to speak to someone, l only have automated services respond!!

By the 31st January 3 days after the order and now two days late from a paid for in advance  ‘next day delivery service’  – l still am having problems getting hold of anyone. The 3 platforms have told me that the boxes are being delivered, not being delivered, are returning to the depot, have not arrived at the depot, do not exist, ‘urn’ [unique reference number] doesn’t exist, consignment number doesn’t exist, being delivered before 5pm, transporter instructs me to contact seller, seller instructs me to contact transporter and the list goes on!

By this time including this morning 01/02/2020 l have sent two formal complaints off to the seller and the transport service requesting information and l get an automated response from the seller that basically reads …


Thank you for your email. We are experiencing high volumes, it is taking us a little longer than expected to get back to you.

We endeavour to answer your query as soon as we possibly can.

… the first since this all began and that above is automated as well!

The transporter responded with this …

Hi Rory,

Thank you for your Email regarding your delivery. I am sorry to hear that you have not received the parcel yet. Please contact your seller directly to notify them of this. You will need to quote your consignment/URN number so that they can trace your delivery.

Which despite the small level of humanity present, is ‘exactly the same automated card response l received yesterday. in this morning’s email l pointed out to them, that l was looking at both the consignment number and the URN on the transporter’s own website and it told me the following three things in one ’email to me’…

1] Your delivery is on route today [01/02/2020] and will be with you shortly …

2] Your consignment is currently not in our depot…

3] Your consignment cannot be delivered till the 03/02/2020 sorry for the inconvenience.

I wrote back with all the relevant information and visuals to their website and tracking system and what l got in return was …

Thank you for your Email regarding your delivery. I am sorry to hear that you have not received the parcel yet. This is not the responsibility of the transporter. Please contact your seller directly to notify them of this. You will need to quote your consignment/URN number so that they can trace your delivery.

Well whose responsibility is it then?

So as far as l can work out, the seller will not communicate on a human level with the  buyer, nor acknowledge anything and the transporter which has the consignment displayed as being #deliverednotdeliveredwhoareyouagain? Where do l stand with this? I can’t get through to either with telephone because no one is actually there because none of them work on the weekends!!

So according to the robots, l am getting my boxes on Monday 03rd and according to me, l have just cancelled the order, demanded my refund and have lodged a formal complaint to the digital humans!

So anyone who shouts ‘Fear the Robots – they are taking our jobs!” I yell back, “Fear the humans who train these robots, because they are not humans! They are ‘sheople!!”

The real annoyance is that all this could have been avoided if the seller or the transporter had acted like a human and communicated to another human in a human like way …. but sadly l think that ‘s a big ask these days!

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Dear Blog ……

18 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 16.55 – 01/02/20

  1. Talk? To a human? On a phone? Have you gone mad?! It simply isn’t done.🧐

    I’m always surprised when I order something and it arrives and is correct.🎉💃🏼

    1. Exactly, it is simply too big an ask from some companies these days – you can see why the likes of Amazon is wiping the board with the competitors.

  2. I am right there with your Rory. Sadly, we are getting old, and are throw-aways in this throw-away society we live in. I do not understand, not do I like this new world we live in.

    1. Hey Jeanne, l don’t understand the world we live in .. l am all for advancement, but not to the detriment of humans and or logic. I struggle to understand further why communications is supposed to be the big industry and yet no one actually talks to anyone anymore?

  3. how very frustrating for you Rory. It is shocking and so annoying when you are unable to even speak to a human. Customer service what customer service?

    1. Hey Tazzie – l know – the boxes arrived finally yesterday – l took them, because l needed them. I never got an appology from anyone, never talked to anyone from the seller’s side, they didn’t even respond properly to any of my emails – oh well, l will simply never use them again.

      What l think they need to do, is NOT offer the next day delivery system – that is where they fall down – if they did that, then it wouldn’t matter. [unless the items never turned up]

      1. so frustrating Rory. Totally agree with you in regard to next day delivery. Where I ilve I am 20 minutes out of Huonvile.
        It took 10 days to get a delivery. I found out that it arrived in Hobart in three days, but the local courier who has the contract for that businesses courier onward deliveries, only delivers to my location once a week! Yet he delivers to a house 1/2 km away from me every day?? How does that work. So I understand how it is. My normal mail from Melbourne can take up to five working days for bills, etc. I still only get two weeks from the bill issue date to pay. Not fair. either. ahhh modern life hey!

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