What is Your Reason Why?

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What is Your Reason Why?

Why do you do the things you do? What is your reason for doing them?

Why do you ‘Blog’ as an example?

We all have reasons beyond the obvious, there is always something deeper that we strive towards, whether it is discussed or not, there is usually something that drives us further towards achiveing our goal.

Is your blogging just for a, b or c? Is your writing just to be seen or published, is it just for success?

What is your reason why?

Long term l would like to make money from my blog – not in the loud in your face way, but more gently – but l don’t blog just for an income, l blog because l enjoy writing, l love the mindfulness and well being l receive from being able to relax when l am imagining, or creating or just being. I also enjoy being able to make someone’s day, be this a smile or a laugh – whichever it makes me happy.

My blog is important to me and l would love for it to be important to others even if just to be seen as a place where you can come along grab a comfy cushion, kick off your shoes, help yourself to a large tea or coffee and spend a while chilling…

Producing an income indirectly or directly from my blog would be awesome sauce but ultimately, that’s not my main reason for being here, it’s not my reason why.

Let me know below your answers, opinions, observations ……

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16 thoughts on “What is Your Reason Why?

  1. I would say connecting with other bloggers is my main why. If I can make a bit of income that’s great, but the vast majority of bloggers are never going to make enough to justify income being a major why.

  2. I want to have a place to share short fiction and poetry where it will be read. That’s my primary reason. Any other reason ~ venting, connecting, announcing books for sale ~ could be done elsewhere.

  3. NOBODY knows why I do the things I do! It’s a question I’ve been asked my whole life. “Why did/do you do that?!” usually in an exasperated tone🤷🏼‍♀️

    I spend so much time hanging out at your blog, I’m afraid you’re gonna start charging me rent😉😂

  4. why do I do the things I do? Interesting question and it got me thinking, For me I am in a metamorphosis period and Yes I do understand the actual definition of the word and I can not physically in all reality be doing a metamorphism.

    Instead I am looking at the four stages of metamorphosis say in a butterfly life. egg, larva, pupa, and adult.
    The egg stage well was my childhood, larva my adolescence, pupa my adult life up until January this year (actually early December but hey lets go with new year new decade concept) and the adult stage is the stage my ADULT life from now on. Where many of the reasons for why I do the things I do are going to be so different from the previous stages. As I begin the process of butterfly, I am working on leaving behind so much of my programing from my pre ADULT stage and developing those for me not for anyone else. So I do the things I do because I am reprograming who I see myself as and where I want to be and what I want to do.

    As to your example I blog because it gives me an outlet, it provides me with comfort and a place to be me. It is a place I can say be how I am now, and share learn and even get motivated to touch base with my creative side. That I have let slide (except for photography). So long winded as usual but my reasons, for why I do the things I do

    1. Hey Tazzie, not long winded at all – detailed – everyone knows l love details, it eliminates the need for asking fill in questions but encourages and stimulates brilliant conversation – so thank you – a great way to describe life as well, evolving but so too metamorphosis – as that is exactly as it is 🙂

  5. Your blog is one of my ultimate favourites, I’ve laughed and cried at your posts, sometimes both at the same time. I blog to share my recovery, hoping it will help or give comfort to those who are going through something similar. I would like to earn a small income from selling branded products, like badges and t-shirts, efc with my logo on, but I’ve not got the foggiest as to how to do this. Maybe one day, but not making an income from my blog itself, just the products 💚

    1. Hey Ami – thank you for the compliment.

      An income from products is a good idea, it can be hard to push but easy enough to promote and especially through your blog .. l am starting a series this month called The Cynical Realist Blogger which will look at incomes from blogs in a form of Studio Workshop which may be interesting you 🙂


      That’s where it will be once it launches.

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