RiDDiKKy – I’ll buy that for a dollar!

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Ridikky

Season 1 – Game 2


Some things in life are true, others are false and some are just plain Riddikky – your job is to try and determine if my Riddikky is actually Riddikky or just unusual and true or horribly false!

Then once you have determined that – using your Underlined Riddikky Prompt Clues create a 200 word Flash Fiction tale or poem using the Topical Prompt Phrase.

Don’t forget though at the bottom of your entry to provide the answers to the questions – using the words –  ‘True, False or Riddikky!’

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Ridikky

Topical Prompt Phrase – “I’ll buy that for a dollar!”


Quick Draw Pot Bellied Marmots can kill a person with a cough!!


It’s utter nonsense to suggest that a goldfish can be pregnant!


Mike the headless chicken died of choking!


They said at the Inn, there wasn’t mushroom as it was the largest living thing on the planet!


Is it true that a blue whale can really swallow whole seamen?


I knows this may seem strange to say, but l nose we have four nostrils!


Rick Shaw was famous for inventing in 1869 the Scobie?


In 1892 Mr A Grant aided digestion with a biscuit to the Scottish McVitie!

So … to recap in the world of ‘RiDDiKKy – 15 9ths and 31 Shades of’ – There are 8 statements above – some are just Riddikky, others are unusual and true and some are horribly false! Your task is to determine what is what, then using the underlined prompts create a 200 word Flash Fiction Tale, Story or Poem on the topical Prompt of ‘I’ll buy that for a dollar!’

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Ridikky

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