What a Conundrum – Or Is It?

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What a Conundrum – Or Is It?

We ‘ALL’ write for ourselves first and foremostly – granted.

However as we increase in readership size so too do our priorities and responsibilities increase to our reading audience/s. We must acknowledge that we ‘do write for an audience’ in addition to addressing our many whims – we all have something to say and we would like for others to hear, read or view them.

A question l see a lot in blogs and on social media about blogging especially, is why do people blog? Why do they actually start to blog? What’s their end goal?

Why don’t they just buy themselves a diary and or a journal and simply jot down their thoughts, opinions and observations each and every day and then close whatever they are using and get on with their day? Why blog it?

Why go to all the hassle of setting up and creating a blog to write those same opinions so that others can read them? Why do that?

So if that answer is ‘blatantly obvious’, in so far as you create a blog because you have something to say and furthermore you would like to invite and encourage interaction, engagement and social communication from your readers … why do we then see people say things like…

‘I don’t do it for others l do it for me, but l am annoyed that l don’t have many likes or comments and that my traffic is so low! I don’t understand it??!”

Now in writing and creating this post, l am all too aware of those who have no desires for labelisation – although even those who don’t seek that fall under that very label itself of ‘wanting no label’. Labels aren’t all bad, it is just a case of ownership of a label and then getting on with things … and this post isn’t about labelling directly … but l am aware of those who don’t specifically write for a huge readership but have a blog to communicate to others with for a social aspect’. There is always a % of that in a community.

What would happen if you switched off all your notifications deliberately – so no one could like or comment or interact with you in any way what so ever?

I mean, if writers,  bloggers  or journo keepers are writing first and foremostly for themselves, then does it matter if you have the ability for people to like your content – ‘switched off?’

Does it matter if people cannot comment on your content – so as opposed to not receiving likes and comments through no responses or no traffic – just not offering that option to your readership to like and comment in the first place?

Or alternatively – imagine if WordPress didn’t have the function to have like and comment on posts – would you still create a blog and would you still write in a blog or just keep a journal or diary?

I mean if you buy a book through retail and you enjoy the reading of it – sure you might review it, but many a time most people do not – but they bought the book and technically read it – so the like aspect is in the profit the book has earned the writer through commission or royalties. That’s an end goal there for many.

For me this post is more about curiosity and people and how they view blogging and interaction and engagements and it doesn’t not look at the fun aspectation of having a blog – would we still have fun if no one ever commented or liked the content?

It makes me think of those lines ‘does a bear shit in the woods’, or “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

So, is it a conundrum or not?

Let me know below your answers, opinions, observations ……

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24 thoughts on “What a Conundrum – Or Is It?

  1. Just blog. Don’t get hung up on the comments and likes. I wouldn’t blog if there was no interaction. So I enjoy getting likes. Comments are another entity. They can be good or annoying. Although I have never gotten an annoying comment, I most likely have written a few. 😹 The time it takes to write, read, and interact is what keeps me dangling from a thread. Currently my mood is “Hell, I love blogging.” But not too long ago it was a mental angst. The social interaction was buggering me. Time will tell all my secrets… for now I am in the blogging zone. 😻

    1. Since you spell your name the same way I do, and said something similar to what I would have said, at first I thought this was a comment of mine. I had to read it a couple of times, and then saw your picture to realize that it was you, another Jeanne, and not me. 🙂

        1. It’s the way of the world Jeanne – l deliberately try and pick songs from UK YouTube that can be seen in the States and yet now we have discovered a song that you can’t see – usually it’s Vevo that causes problems. Here hopefully this’ll work 🙂

  2. I think it’s possible to write for ourselves but still seek a sense of community. I write for myself in the sense that I choose topics based on what I want to write about rather than what I think readers expect, and I don’t adapt my writing voice to suit others. Increasing numbers for the sake of numbers isn’t a goal of mine, although sometimes comparison is a trap that sneaks up on me. Community is an extremely important part of blogging for me, but that can happen with even 10 readers that I mutually engage with. Without that community, blogging would be a lot less appealing.

  3. This is very pertinent question to ask. I will answer this one and the one you asked yesterday about what kind of blogger in one post , tomorrow.

  4. I don’t write for likes and comments but can’t deny that appreciation feels nice.and interaction through comments sometimes validate my thoughts and sometimes exchange of ideas also increase the knowledge seeing others perspective.

  5. I’m one of those here for the social aspect. I do get warm fuzzies when one of my posts helps or entertains others, but I dont write for the ‘likes’. My writing of posts is so sporadic… I dont want to do the same thing over and over. Only do prompts, only do rants, only post about problems…you get the picture. So sometimes I just dont post for a while. Sometimes its life interfering😂 (life interfering with my blogging world LMAO… 🤣😂🤣)

    I’ve got old paper journals going back to age 12. If I strictly wanted to journal, I’d use paper again. But, like I said, I’m here for the social aspect. I probably spend 95% of my time on other blogs.🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. I blog yes for myself but with my mental health illness it is also a place I can connect with other people who are dealing with similar issues. Would I write it if I had no likes or connections I dont know.

    1. Hey Tazzie, thats the $64,000 question – writing with no connection or likes – l wouldn’t hold a blog , it may not stop me writing – but it would be straight writing, as there would be no point to any kind of prompts or questions.

      It would mean back to the quiet times l guess.

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