What Type of Blogger Are You?

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What Type of Blogger Are You?

How you answer this question is completely up to you … you can answer purely with your genre or with your writing or creative style or even your personality. There are many types of blogger personalities …

5 Blogging Personality Types, Examples, and Tips

Are you a ‘Simplifier, an Extrovert, an Informant or perhaps a Charmer or even a Creative?’

The 7 Personality Types of Bloggers Today

Maybe, you are a Controversial Opportunist, a Self – Indulger, a Deceitful Bandit, a Leeching Mercenary , the Zealous Evangelist or maybe the  Influential Wordsmith and of course not forgetting The Quality Supplier?

All supposedly recognisable blogging personalities … more basic version, perhaps you are a nerd, geek or a boffin, a helper, a listener, a writer or an alternative personality, a mixer or a mixture … that choice is yours.

Why do l ask? Because l have an idea for a post, a game, or maybe a series or maybe because l can because l am curious to know the answers, just like you are.

Let me know below your answers, opinions, observations ……

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21 thoughts on “What Type of Blogger Are You?

  1. I’m a self-indulgent creative. I post what I want without caring if people will like it or if it will add to my “brand,” whatever the hell that is. Pffft!

  2. sorry, but there are so many labels that are placed on us every day, and I won’t do it to myself. For me this is fun. when it stops being fun I will stop writing. No labels.

  3. Oh, so hard to decide…
    …I think I am perhaps rather self-indulgent more than anything else.
    For a long time my posts were mostly personal, but after reading the wonderful creative work from other bloggers, I am trying more and more fiction nowadays.

  4. I am a lazy blogger who posts and reads much less than I used to. This will never be a business or anything other than a fun place to hang my words while I work on client’s edits and my own longer writing.

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