The Things People Say!

The Things People Say!

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Series 1 – Game 2

The nature of this game for the writer is to Create and Flash Fictionalise a story of no more than 300 words on a snippet of eavesdropped conversation that l provide.


Each game lasts for a period of 10 days – the next Game to be published will hold the links to those who responded to this game and will also provide the back story to today’s Prompt.


Today’s Eaves Dropped Conversation Snippet is … from 2009

“Yes it’ really nice looking, BUT NO that’s just way too big for my tiny mouth!! If it was in there, all l would do is drool and dribble over it, so NO!”

… So, what can you do with this – if you didn’t know the story?

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An introduction to The Things People Say

Last Weeks ‘snippet’ back story:

“I don’t care how wet it is … it’s too big for the hole!!”

Was actually a conversation between two workman at my old house in Lincolnshire in 2013 when they were discussing how much “Wet ‘n’ Fix’ they would have to apply to get the curtain rails into the solid brick walls. Worker 1 basically said that the curtain rail was too big for the hole, irrelevent to how wet the hole was!” When l put my head around the corner and whispered “Ooher missus!!”

We all laughed!!

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The Happy Points Counter

10 Points to Sadje of Keep it Alive

 “I don’t care how wet it is … it’s too big for the hole!!” Sadje – Keep It Alive

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  1. I’m passing on this weeks’ prompt, because something extremely X rated came to mind when I read what the prompt was. And this site ain’t THAT kinda site. Well not the blogs I follow any rate. 😉

    On another subject I’ve tagged YOU Sir Rory for this week’s “Finish The Story” by Teresa Grabs. Here’s my link so you can read up to the point where you come in (if you chose to. If you don’t have time or inclination to participate, just let Teresa know, okay? Thanks! )

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