Dear Blog – Who Said … Lucky Bird Poop??


This track, just seems … fitting!

Who Said … Lucky Bird Poop??

Aka – The Astonishing Speed of Shit Happens!

Who said that being shat on by a seagull or a bird any bird was lucky?? Who said that? Because Suze has a bone to pick with them!

GOOD LUCK?! Why Bird Poop is a Sign of Hope in Disguise


Suze and l were out early this morning, and we had a great breakfast at the Deal Pier Kitchen …….

DPK Breakfast £9.50 Old english sausage, 2 smoked bacon, DPK hash, 2 eggs, tomato, mushrooms and granary toast with a side serving of avocado!

We have tried very much since Scrappy’s passing to start to do the things we said we wanted to, but couldn’t because of how Scrappy’s health and decline had become and of course we couldn’t take her anywhere for the last four months or so of her life and prior to this as a family we were always going out for lunch or breakfast somewhere – so as part of the ‘In Memories to Scraps’, Suze and l try to trial somewhere different each weekend. DPK was just that place for today and we weren’t disappointed! Excellent food and somewhere which we will go again and soon.


Image by Kent Online


Image by Dover District Council

Deal Pier is a nice walk as well, might have been a little more pleasant if the weather wasn’t so overcast – but hey at least we were lucky that it wasn’t raining …. mm, well okay perhaps that might need rephrasing! It wasn’t raining — ‘rain” BUT it was raining seagull poop!

Suze and l were walking side by side back down one of the alleys from the cafe to the town centre when above me l saw two seagulls swooping in and l saw that they both dive bombed dropped poop! I swerved out the way and said “Whew , wow talk about lucky that could have been messy!!” When behind me l heard, “Yeah for some perhaps!!”

Turning around l discover Suze didn’t see the poop coming and didn’t swerve! Oops!  No, OF course l didn’t laugh!!               

Okay, of course l did, l mean it’s lucky isn’t it? To be pooped on by a bird? Even if it is a huge seagull! Right??

Suze said she didn’t feel lucky and l tried to tell her, that she should count her lucky stars and that soon ‘good luck’ would be knocking on the door! I told her that l had read an article about seagulls pooping on people …. but she wasn’t interested!

Good News For People Who Have Been Pooped On By Birds

However, we walked back to the car, got the wet wipes, cleaned Suze up and then proceeded to walk to the town centre and we had a quick look at a charity shop where l got this!!

IMG_3202 (2)

I have a thing for cardigans, this cost me £4 and is in perfect condition – size large and a great cowl necked toggled cardigan! How’s that for luck? I just walked in to the shop, saw it on the rail and said ‘Yep, that’ll do very nicely, what a lucky find!!”

Suze said ‘”Hang on a minute why is it that you are always this lucky? You walk into a charity shop, get a great cardigan, for £4 that fits?? I have just been shit on by a seagull – what happened to the good luck you said l would get??”

“Babes, l didn’t specifically say – it would be your luck, l just said ‘good luck’ would be knocking on the door ………..!”

That didn’t go down well!

But hey, that’s the thing about luck isn’t it?

Bad luck wasn’t far behind however, l had egg whites in the poached eggs for breakfast and l now have a seriously bad stomach! As they say, what goes around, comes around, eh!? A spot on case of the astonishing speed of shit happens!

So, how about you – been shat on by a bird lately and got lucky? Let me know below!

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Dear Blog ……

19 thoughts on “Dear Blog – Who Said … Lucky Bird Poop??

  1. If my memory serves me right, it has happened in the long ago distant past! Can’t remember if it was accompanied by good luck, bad luck or no luck! 😀

  2. Great sweater! I would totally wear that! Poor Suze, but she looks healthy and fantastic (minus the poop of course😉) I dont think I’ve ever been pooped on, but older daughter got it on top of her head when she was little. A seagull. I dont remember any luck attached to any of us, before or after.🤷🏼‍♀️
    My favorite beach has a cafe at the end of the pier too. It has changed ownership several times and I haven’t been down there in a while. Hmmmm… I need to do something about that!

    1. Hey Grandma, the sweater is awesome! These charity stores or second hand stalls – can’t think what they are called in the States – have some absolute gems in – it’s great for recycling with as well. But l am really starting to appreciate the old cardigan again 🙂

      1. Thrift Store is the words you’re looking for.
        They DO have great stuff! I went through a period of hating them in my teens because when I was very young ALL my clothes except underwear & shoes came from Thrift Stores. We were very poor until mom got job training and started working. And married stepdad.

  3. Yes! On our fifth grade class trip to Austin. The whole class was on the steps of the state capital having a group photo made when a pigeon came along and Got Me and no one else 😂. I have no idea if there was any good luck involved 😂

      1. Maybe it is alphabetical! I wonder what luck will find Suze?? 😊Perhaps there was some good luck, after all, I got safely home and graduated from 5th grade,…so there is that.

  4. hmm don’t some folk pay a lot for that. to have ‘been shat on by a bird lately and got lucky?’
    Suze was lucky it could have been two bird poops.

    1. Ha ha Tazzie – you are showing some of your good ol’ urbanism there! There used to be a club in London that offered that as a service – eukk! But l digress ha ha.

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