Dear Blog – Yippee ki yay …


Yippee ki yay …

TNRB aka The Human Pinata!

TNRB = The Nothing Remarkable Body

I often look at this image and wonder where l am on the scale of it today? I am 57 this May – l feel old in body but not so much mind and spirit! Where am l at 57 or as the 13 year old in me might declare – ” Less of the 57 matey – 56 and 8 months thank you very muchly!!”

All that aside, l am actually not bothered by the whole ageing process … as an example Suze is very disturbed by the whole process, she turns 59 this October and every time l bring this subject up and the ‘age of 59’, l am requested to jog along! On the scale graph above l am inbetween briefcase age and the image holding the paper chronologically and yet in truth, screw those two images l have to be more brutal and say l am closer to the the image with the walking stick and the other one named Rip!

I have lived an adventurous life – woot, woot, yip yippee ki yay …………. l don’t have any regrets – l have done all sorts of things, been all sorts of places, eaten and drunk all sorts of combinations good, bad and fugly – l have stayed up all night, pulled 24 hour shifts for months, deprived myself of sleep – you name it on the risky dangerous side of life and l probably have a story ………… BUT – whilst this is all well and good, truth is … the reality sucks!

I have come to the firm conclusion – that had l performed all these stints and stunts and explorative adventures anyway – BUT – taken care of my body at the same time properly – then l would not be feeling like a human pinata today! I do, l feel like a wicker donkey! I am having to take countless so called ‘herbal remedy’ tablets and just wait for life to beat me up some more!


I was trying to think back in time and go back to those moments in my life when l started to feel life breaking me …. no, no, shove your sympathy, this post is not a call for that – you can’t do anything about me and my body falling to pieces this is all my own fault … l think it just comes down to the point when you start to actually physically notice the ageing process properly and think “SHITTY Doo Duckle!! Like when the fluckle did this happen??”

This year, my job is to get my health back – l have a hell of a journey ahead of me – the body is still detoxing from the chemicals from the shoulder injury. It’s not that the chemicals are still inside, it’s the damage they did to my gut health whilst l was taking the painkillers. The long term affects of chemical relief can do and do untold and often undescribed damage to your endocrine system and change the composition and effectiveness of your gut microbial activity.

This is made more of a problem if you have a historic problem with gut health which l did long before the shoulder injury – in fact my poor quality gut health is perhaps 25 years a problem, basically from my early thrities l started to notice distinct problems with my body.

Sure, sure l went to the doctors to be fed the usual blarney ‘There is something there, but it’s nothing remarkable!’ Because of that, conventional medicine then stops, they have exhausted all of their typical ways of investigation and so then determine if they can’t find the problem, then you don’t have a problem! Oh right, so you basically mean ‘No Problem?!” Unless of course you are the sufferer because then there is most assuredly a problem, otherwise WHY have you gone to the medical profession in the first place??

So long before the shoulder injury, which began in January 2018 and lasted till July 2019, l had just stabilised my poor gut health to 100% remarkably healthy gut microbial activity …. which then worsened as l got iller  …

In 2016 after years of suffering with gut problems and by this l do literally mean years, 1994 – 2016, l was finally diagnosed with Candida, or chronic candida yeast overgrowth – having been forced to take the non conventional route  … to then lose overnight a whopping 55% of my edible diet of foods!

So, Suze and l started on that journey to basically stabilise my gut health … which was starting to come good by November 2017. It had been a very long and often painful journey. I lost weight. I wasn’t heavy to begin with, l have never been heavy, my ideal weight for my height is around 12 stone. BUT, l was close to 13 stone due to the fact that l was carrying an intestinal bloat problem which made me heavier!


Candida was supposedly the culprit behind that bloat and we both believed that from 2016 till literally November 2019. Then some of you may recall, that l underwent a series of tests, blood and stool last year from August.

They came back and the stool tests basically said ….’Rightio matey we have good news and bad news!!”

The good news was that l was allowed to reintroduce 3 food types back to my diet BUT the bad news was that l was then to take away three food types which were recognised as a major problem to me and would cause me nothing but a problem if l was to keep eating them. Candida tests said those three foods were great for health … wrong. Those three foods actually caused me serious, serious problems! But then l had the blood test results come back and they declared … whoah hold the press!!

Great News!!

YOU don’t have Candida!!

Bad News!!

You have a gut parasite and it’s eating all your good bacteria quicker than you are producing it!


This is apparently the official answer to why l am now carrying around an intestinal bloat that weighs in around three quarters of a stone and l feel so ‘H.A.P.P.Y! With my lot …” [That’s me being sarcastic ] Yet the medical profession have said that l have The Nothing Remarkable Body and yet, l have had this parasite in my system for quite a few years …. mm.

You see you can live an adventurous life, you can drink whatever you want, eat whatever you want – DO whatever you want ……………… well actually, if you want to be healthy in your 60’s there are two rules of thumb …1] don’t lead an extraordinary and active life or 2] look after your body more and eat sensibly, exercise, don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t do anything!!

In order for me to get healthier, l am again on a very restrictive diet better known as ‘Low FODMAP’ with restrictions because of the food intolerances and allergies and now have to take daily roughly 15 tablets …… and remember to watch out for reactions … like farting loudly, stomach cramps, peeing constantly, sleeping badly, sleeping like the dead, peeing in the middle of the night …. with the latter l am glad l still have my faculties and my body knows when to get up!!

I am exercising anyway currently albeit walking and gardening, but like yesterday, you suddenly pull your lower back, or when walking and your knee turns  the other way to where you are going, or your shoulder twinges, or you can’t get out of bed, or you ache all over  and the lists of ailments go on and you think .. gees l am a bloody human pinata – so the tablets will make my gut healthy .. but in the interim, the rest of my body will just fall apart and at times it feels like it’s falling off!! Oh well, this time next year, l am going to feel like a new man …. right?

Oh joys, the thrills and spills of getting older – woot, woot, yip yippee ki yay …………

So … how about you – how’s the whole ageing process , the l am thrilled to be getting older coming along for you? Let me know below…

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Dear Blog ……

14 thoughts on “Dear Blog – Yippee ki yay …

  1. I cannot be so lyrical about aging like you are, but I want to answer you in detail. So I will do so in a post linked to this one!

  2. Hey, Rory! I turned 80 in May of 2019 and am now working on Aging Backwards. 😆

    Seriously, though, found myself deteriorating rapidly due to a reclusive and sedentary lifestyle following my daughter’s death. Walking became more and more difficult due to Arthritis and then, my vision began to fail. The feeling, “There is something my body is trying to tell me, that I need to “see” here.”, came over me. At that point I recognized how important is is to stay active as one ages. (The nursing homes are full of people that have “rewarded” themselves with a life of ease after retirement!) It is slow going, but I’m improving and in the process, regaining an interest in learning how to create a new and healthier lifestyle.

    As for aging, I don’t feel that is as important as it is to stay young at heart, to love life and the living of it, to find the Joy in just Being – like a child does. I’m trying to remember and capture that simple Joy again.

    Thanks for asking! 😊

    1. Hey Betty, excellent – l do totally agree with you, l have no plans on stopping – but sometimes my body has different intentions to my mind 🙂

  3. It was during my mid 30s that my body fell apart. I was bedridden for around 3 months, my mother tells me she thought I was gonna die. That was the chronic pain, the rollercoaster of pain medication, the stress of life…

    Since I’ve had the pump implanted, I’m much better pain wise. If I could quit with the Dancing Broken Toe and the Bouncing Train Toe and the Slow Motion Fall after tripping over my own feet, I’d be good😉😂

    I’m still very young in my head, heart & spirit. Playful, easily awed but with wisdom of the journey to here. I’ll be 52 next month and it doesnt matter. I could be 62 and it wouldn’t matter. Grey hair, wrinkles, saggy skin… dont care. I want to get my physical fitness level back up to where it was when I was walking 5+ miles every day, but other than that, I’m content in my broken Fibromyalgia, plaque psoriasis, IBS, GERD body.😂😂

    1. Excellent Grandma, that’s the spirit – l am not giving up, but there are times when it feels like my body would quite happily just say ‘aw fuck it dude, let’s just stay in bed!!’ 🙂

  4. i turned 57 a few days ago, and I am a very fortunate person. Apart from my mental health meication I am on no other medications. I do take vitamin d as I often have low levels and living ni Tasmania in winter it can be a common problem. I also have iodised salt as food grown in tasmania is often deficient as the soils are. I am adding seaweed to my soils so I will perhaps be off the iodised salt eventually. Also occasional paracetamol and ibuprofen.

    My mental illness has impacted my physcial health in that I dont walk as much as I did. When I worked as a RN on nights I walked a lot, then walked the dogs, and went walking with my partner. I get out in the garden, and I procrastinate about walking a lot. Though when I go out I take the dogs for good walks. not sure what the process is there lol. I do stretches and am very flexible. Walking is good for my body and mental health. I try to eat well compared to most people I feel I eat healthily. I do still eat some highly processed stuff I seem to be eating less and less. I feel being on a low income helps that. Also not having shops near to hand.

    I like getting older, I really am very happy to not be young today. I enjoy the experiences I have had in my life,and look forward to the new ones coming. I am content, on the whole, and weird as it might seem I am kind of happy I had a breakdown. My needs are very few. I own my home out right and have no debt so I am rich compared to so many people on the earh. I live in a lovely area, I have fresh air, water in my full rain tanks.

    I laugh, I am kooky and I am growing old in a way which many might totally disagree with. I want to grow old and be funnier, less staid, confident and allowed to get angry at sods who park in disabled car parks! , I dont really care what most people think of me. some will like me others won’t, which ever is fine by me. Getting older means that I do not have to be with people because ….of any reason other than I want too.

    I love life, I love nature, I lie and watch the clouds fly over head, I go out and take night photographs sitting by the water listening to the waves watching Aurora Australis, the southern cross, orion moving across the skies. I listten to the possums on my roof, the wallabies eating my tree leaves. I dont mind there is enough to share. I laugh at my dogs,

    I plant trees so Mother earth has places for animals to shelter, birds to nest. I try to tread lightly on the planet/

    I dont have great desires to travel like many other older people seem to . that might change who knows. I am open to new experiences. (think my medication is doing some good).

    guidelinesweb, you have given me a shove, yes I must walk more.

  5. Hmm this is a tough one for me. When I use my walking frame I feel like the old guy with the walking stick, but in my head I still feel like I’m a teenager 💚

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