Blogging Insights #14 – Is There a Science to the Art of Blogging?


Blogging Insights # 14 — Art or Science? – Prompt byTanya of Salted Caramel



Is blogging an art or science?

It’s both and how you balance it out is more reflective upon how it is perceived by you and your audience.  So, what ever type of content creativity you are introducing to your blog is the art – be this written, artistic, photographic, design, recipe or whatever other imaginations you conjure up that is the ‘arty side’.

The technical side, the marketing, branding, profiling, manipulation of advertising any money making strategies you have in place and so on, that’s the science.

The beauty is to balance it all out.

For instance – defining your position is the first port of call – are you purely only a hobby or personal blog? If you are that then you will have less ‘science’ and more art, BUT if you want more traffic to see your ‘art’ then you are going to need to apply the science. If you are a business or professional blog then you are going to need to lead with the science for your industry, but too much science and you’ll bore your audience so now you will then need to balance your ‘artistic input’.

What are we defining as ‘art’? What are we defining as ‘science’? Let’s just say that imaginations and creativity are needed to set the pace whatever the pathway.



Can people without a “natural talent” for writing become bloggers?

Again, l would ask, what are we using as the landmark for defining ‘natural talent’ with regards writing? There are many style and genres of blogging, blogs and bloggers.

There are NO hard and fast written rules for this type of media – sure – plenty of guidelines. But we are currently sitting on the edge of a chasm and looking over the edges of the precipes.  Blogging is just at the beginning of this industry, it is set to change dramatically in the next five years – we are going to see some real advances in the way people communicate and read… so when we look at a question that asks us to define a natural talent l can only but ask, what is the definition of natural and talent and then combined as well?

This is my first ever blog , l’ll not specifically create another, unless l move from WordPress itself and take myself to a different operator. My blog will change style, change direction from within, it will always evolve – l am often surprised when l see bloggers dismantle their blogs and create anew and l think why? You are evolving, so too is your blog, your talent and your creative flair so – evolve, not disappear.

Prior to this blog though, l already had a digital signature for quite a few years – l was already writing, be it with my poetry through the likes of Scrbd, industrial and political writing on Forums, guest writing on specialist blogs, my own business forums, and or my own business website, not forgetting Facebook and Twitter – all of these establish your digital signature and footprint.All require writing in one format or another anyway … natural or not.

Now prior to 2000, l had not specifically written online – although l had written – l had been writing since l turned 14 – l am not sure if l was a natural writer or just someone who loved to write and so the more l did it, the more experience l gathered.


Writing is not the only level of blogging … the short fall of this is way simpler – ANYONE can become a blogger natural or artificial, easy going or forced manipulation – it doesn’t matter – it’s whether the person likes it or not  to take it further- they just have to want to do it in the first place and then remember this question … What came first?

The Chicken or the Egg?


Have you ever taken or taught a blogging course?

No, l have never felt the need to undertake such a course, there is so much information available freely on the Internet, and then there are a host of wonderful bloggers here in WordPress alone that offer advice. I do however have a series starting soon titled The Cynical Blogger which is a series aimed at making money through blogging, but that is likely to be more workshop and learned experiences than advice in truth.


Thanks for the questions Tanya.

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8 thoughts on “Blogging Insights #14 – Is There a Science to the Art of Blogging?

  1. I must say that I do enjoy blogging…do I have a talent for it? I would not know…what I know is that I enjoy it! What I’m not able to handle for now is the science part…but I guess is because I never dedicate any time for it…the little spare time that I have, I spend it doing research and writing my posts or reading other blogs 🤪
    Will look forward to your new series Rory 😉

  2. Do you have an answer to which came first, the chicken or the egg? And why is a raven like a writing desk?😉

    When I actually DO post something, I dont think… I see the cursor blinking and words fill the blank space. It’s best if I stay out of my own way.😁

    1. Ha ha – l know it’s a bit like when is a door not a door?? I mean that is easy to answer – when it’s ajar, but ravens, eggs and chickens .. life mysteries 🙂

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