What Stimulates ‘Your’ Organ?

What Stimulates Your Organ?


19th January getting ready to start gardening sitting in my den!

I received an email from a friend the other day asking how my new ‘den’ was shaping up? Was it finished? Did l manage to squeeze everything in okay? More interestingly was the supposedly innocent question of ‘Was l stimulating my organ enough in my den?’ I did laugh out loud at that question …. and had visions of me being involved in some nefarious man handling on my organ late at night in the sanctuary of my den!!

However my dirty mind aside and now focusing on the pink matter between my ears and not the pink matter between my … anyway l digress – is the new space stimulating my brain?

The simple answer is yes it is – l suppose it is about 95/7% complete and the remaining percentages are literally found in a couple of posters l have to go up still like my ‘shark one’, but in the main, the ‘den is done’ mm, that rolls off the tongue as well, denisdone! Sounds like a song!

I need a lot of stimulation [oooher missus] but it’s true l do – l need to continually be stimulated and to a certain degree distracted.  In recent months, when l have created and published posts l get emails from my readers asking me about various bits and bots in the photographs – so l figured that the time was right to show you the ‘den of stimulation!’

Like the photograph above displays  – books, the bear clan, framed military prints, Little Fear prints and so on – all of my ‘den’ photos shows a little bit more about me and the stimulation l need to function. we all have a writing space, a place where we go to sit down, relax and write – today l’ll show you mine, but why don’t you tell me about yours below?

But first, do you remember the small mini series of posts l did called “It’s About Time!” last year in October? If you do you may recall this one … It’s About Time! – Like When Is It NOT?

Where upon l showed you what the ‘Weekly Planning Board’ looked like …

board2019 (2)

….. Today’s planner is much more streamlimed, defined and simpler to use.

IMG_3105 (2)

The same is applicable to the wall planner … last October it looked like this …

board20192 (2)

Yet, today in January it has this more effective and streamlined appearance – There are no longer any supporting small pin boards, everything is now hyperfocused on this one board.


But in order for my brain to be fired up and sparked into stimulation, my methodology has to be hyperfocused and efficient – it all looks over the top and yet perhaps that was the case to many in October last year as it was then, yet now three months later all the plans and strategies for 2020 now activated, it has paid off. It is all streamlined and smooth running.

I did say last year, l would display the completed ‘look’ of the den so … looking in from the hallway of the house, this is my ‘den’ … the main hub of activity – books, archives, the bear clan, planners, stimulations – the garden … obviously it used to be differently laid out when Scrappy was here, but that empty space now has a table and extension table  in there.

IMG_3092 (2)

Panning round, we can see the wall planner, the motivational posters, microphones [future feature], magazines and so on.

IMG_3093 (2)

Three screen layout and the desk – nothing really exciting here  …

IMG_3095 (2)

IMG_3096 (2)

The Mission poster is a motivational message to me to stop procrastinating and aim high – the target is to achieve a £100,000 by 60 …. with the minimum household 60 being Suze’s in 2021 or mine in 2023 … really need to start that!! The Tiger in the car, was painted for my father by a friend of mine in 2002 for Christmas the same year. He had this hung in his house for all those years and so l decided upon his death to reclaim it – it is the only real gift l have from me to him’, l have. The corner book shelf is mostly ‘business or motivation/inspiration’ books l have had for years. The crossbones is ages old, and was from one of my old ‘dens’.

IMG_3099 (2)

This is my dog corner where now Scrappy lives with Dora and Jakey. You can see two dogs in the above photo, one is Scrappy with me in 2018 and the other is Dora and l in 2012 [ sadly she passed in 2014], but their ashes are here with me. Jakey is a member of my family, but l never met him, he was Suze’s daughter’s dog that died some time ago, but when her daughter and family moved to Australia in 2015 l said l would take Jakey on board with Dora for company.

I am having the ashes of Jakey and Dora re-interned into newer caskets like Scrappy has. My dogs are always with me. I am having a series of photos set up and framed of my two girls and Jakey. He has been with me now since March 2015 and considering that he died at 6 years of age, l have had him as a companion now for nearly as long as he was alive.

IMG_3101 (2)

The other side of the desk, ha ha, no less exciting than the other way around.

IMG_3103 (2)

The garden window, the military prints are actually painted drawings my mother did when l was 13, and were my 1976 birthday present from her. They are finely drawn, then handpainted on fabric. Some of you may recognise the Little Fears prints, l am a big fan of Peter’s work – sadly Peter is no longer in WordPress he moved on, but his blog is still present – check this out … LINK

Big huge fan of Sharks, and whilst Jaws did a shed load of damage for great whites – not that Peter Benchley ever knew that would happen – the 1975 film is still one of my all time favourites. I have seen it perhaps twenty times and every time l still feel sorry for it [Bruce that is]. But the film, the book, the soundtrack – awesome – Just don’t make ’em like that anymore!

IMG_3104 (2)

Finishing off with my two back of the door posters … l am a huge fan of Fallout 4. There is a lot of space in front of my computer screens and that will soon have photos of Dora, Scrappy and Jakey  to celebrates their lives.

So there we go, that’s the 97% finished den … l am never out of ideas, and l am always able to stimulate my organ … whatever the time of day – but how about you … how do you ‘stimulate yours’ and more importantly, where abouts do you …. ‘do it?’

Let me know below in the comments section.

Cheers Rory

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    1. Hey Lisa

      In short it was a nightmare to configure and in the very end l cheated and got someone in to do it for me – because l was getting set to throw all the screens out of the window ha ha 🙂

  1. what a really special place you have created. I love that you have a place for all your dogs,to be there with you (even your step dog Jakey) the photos will be so lovely. I admire your organisational skills.

    1. Many thanks, yes it will be lovely – Jakey bless him was a lovely German Shepherd who died too young – but in truth, don’t they all. But it will be really great to have them all present whilst l work in here.

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