366 Days of Gardening! [E1-W3]

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366 Days of Gardening!

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Episode 1 – Week 3

Over the last few days l have been walking through the garden -trying to identify what l have to do before l start planting the seeds in the next couple of weeks? I was originally thinking of sowing seeds about now in January, but decided against it and have now pledged to start sowing seeds in the first weeks of February instead. That’s still early, so l’ll not be disappointed if it is not achieved the exact ‘first week’, but will be if my first batches are not sown into pots by the start of the third week.

This identification awards me time to further explore how the garden and the seasonal strategies are going to have to be configured – we have a lot of crop that is wanting to be grown on and instead of closing the garden down in September l intend to have crops growing all year and through the winter months of 2020/21 – so l am looking forwards to it all.

I am a bit behind admittedly and that’s because following Scrappy’s death, my emotional motivations were all over the place and l didn’t know if l was coming or going. But here l am now 9 days after she left and l am better in so far as my mind is a bit more stable than it was this time last week.

In the next episode l will take you all through the fruits, vegetables, herbs  and flowers that l have planned in for growing through either seed or slip or seedling fashion this year, with all the information regarding each ‘growth planned’.

I suppose in some ways, January and early February in the UK are not notorious for huge outdoor plantings – l mean you can start planting seeds now inside the house to get a head start ready for the approaching spring to summer months and l personally will be taking advantage of some of that myself to avoid low growth spurts like we experienced last year with certain crops.

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This year, l am already ahead of myself in so far as the compost is not a dead dirt situation but is a very good planting out compost. I carried out Turn 5 this weekend just gone, the whole movement took me about an hour tops and the content is looking really good with a great microbe and micro culture to it.

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I have a lot of small miscellaneous jobs that need to be carried out and finished before l start planting the seeds … they don’t NEED to be done right now,  it’s just if l don’t do them now, l’ll not get them done once the seasons start in full swing. So it’s better to start and finish during the quieter times.

IMG_3063 (2)

But the back of the garden near the sheds and the composting work station need a huge tidy up as does the actualy compost work station itself. I have to shred down our branch supplies as they are fast over whelming the space they are in, and they will be better served shredded and turned into a nice organic mulch we can use and dig in to the containers.

IMG_3068 (2)

One of the biggest jobs in this next couple of weeks is clearing out and cleaning up the glasshouse as it is filthy and untidy and is surrounded by clutter inside and out and that needs to change.

IMG_3070 (2)

IMG_3071 (2)

IMG_3072 (2)

IMG_3082 (2)

IMG_3084 (2)

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I am ever mindful of the weed situation and despite it being winter here, we have flowers already in bloom that wouldn’t normally be that way until March/April time, but the climate situation is completely out of whack and it looks like if l am not careful, l may experience  another year this time like we did last year, so l am trying to regulate and police and configure and control as much as l can this time around to avoid the blunders like last year.

Prep is everything – so l am now able to order that ton of organic wood mulch for the ornamental beds and back of the garden and hopefully this will prove to be an ample preventative weed mat.

This small amount may not look like anything huge, but they are big jobs …perhaps not as big as painting the shed or clearing the shed out or even making the conservatory ready for seedlings, but big enough anyway.  I have loads of smaller jobs like trying to get the horseradish sorted before it is making headway for this season with new growth as well as making protective covers for the raised beds as in anti-fox screens – now we don’t have a dog, the dog foxes are hoiking the soils on the lawn and inside the beds and containers and making holes looking for slugs. You can see in the image below a hoiked hole made by a fox [in front of that awful yellow painted buddha! Grr!

IMG_3088 (2)

Everything just looks so horribly tired in winter and l am looking forwards to getting the new season on its way – l am in need of cheer it’s that simple. Anyway, that’s just a small heads up, l’ll see you properly in the next episode.

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17 thoughts on “366 Days of Gardening! [E1-W3]

  1. Gardening is not easy but is well rewarding! I’m sure Scrappy had her part in helping 🐕💕 but now she has other things to do! Cheer up Rory! Lots of things to do and spring is just around the corner 🌸

  2. It has been a very strange summer here in Tasmania, My tomatoes are very slow this year, still not one ripened. My wattle trees which normally bloom in August are in bloom now. Perhaps from not enough water, not sure. I get so excited when the sap starts to rise in spring, or late winter and get looking at seeds and planting. You are on the beginning garden time and I am on well not yet but soonish the winding down of the flush summer garden into autumn. It will be lovely to enjoy other hemispheres gardens. Compared to my garden yours is so neat and tidy Rory and great compost you have going. This winter I aim to tidy up my garden.

    1. Hey Tazzie – oh how l miss the wattles – l loved seeing them in blossom as a child – and how everything is just so saddening currently. Has Tasmania had any problems with bushfires at all?

      1. The Fingal valley araea and east coast has had fires We have had rain here in the huon valley, and I believe all over. the state so I hope they have helped the fire fighters. Not so in NSW sadly.

          1. the rains have come and helped down here a lot I believe, but sadly the ones in the NSW southern highlands continue they lost more houses there on Friday.

    1. Coldframes are great, l had two makeshifts using an old set of shower doors on two of my smaller raised beds, but the wind took a branch to one and completely shattered the top glass. So l can relate to the wind exceedingly well.

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