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“The Devil Is In The Details””

When l can, l love to respond to certain prompts, l like many prompts – not all, but quite a few, today l am responding to several as a way of catch up, and it relaxes me to do several at once. I never have a clear plan when responding to prompts – something will catch my eye, then something else, then a piece of music then a handful of words and then l simply ‘bag’ them all up, throw them together in a pot, shake them around and tip them back out again and see what l can conjure up .. for the kitty today …

I am responding to the following …


 Prompt Gubbings!

Fandango of This, That and The Other



Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #50



FOWC with Fandango — Egregious

Paula of Light Motifs II


Thursday Inspiration 39

“These Boots are made for walkling….”

Nancy Sinatra

Sadje of Keep it Alive


What do you see # 13 – January 20th, 2020

Di of Pensitivity 101


Kristian – Tales of the mind of Kristian


The Word of the Day Challenge

Frivolous Clinch Hurray Temptation Complete Gazelle

…………. where l can, l like to make it as much of a challenge as possible to really spark up the brain. Sadly it’s not often that one prompt alone can do that some days – it’s not that it doesn’t happen … with some Inspirations for example l can see an instant parody – sometimes l cannot, today as an example l have all of these that l THINK will make something happen, but l don’t know if they will – not really, you know?

I mean first off l had Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking!” playing in the background, there is probably a parody there, maybe later on, just not today…. l mean it’s a great piece of music isn’t it?? But was it Nancy’s music l heard that incited my interest? Or Jessica Simpson?


Which probably sits better with Paula’s image better than it does with Nancy’s – l guess it’s all about ‘pieces’ and or pieces of play  – perhaps even like a chessboard – call it what you will – however … these lines l think mmm.

These boots are made for walking
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna
Walk all over you ….

For a small amount of verse, there is a LOT said!!

But strangely enough, it wasn’t the music per se, it was the interesting combination of images, together they made me think of “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman!” Which also sort of fits with the music.

I mean Nancy’s [yes ironically named Nancy as well very Twilight Zonish!]  behaviour alone is egregious – sure she is pissed off at Harry but does she have to do all the damage? Plus whilst l accept that she is no graceful gazelle, l also have to acknowledge that she is NOT 50 feet in height. But metaphorically perhaps she was, l mean in the fifties there was a huge hang up with ‘size’, like when is there not – size dominates everything these days have you noticed? Size isn’t everything is my motto, it’s what you do with it.

But some people don’t feel complete if they are too small … just ask The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

I mean below – What do you see? Well, that could be a fifty foot woman … plus she is wearing boots.




Plus the folks there are looking up at something … right? Is it the boots or a fifty foot woman?

But really, of all the prompts l have selected today – one really got me going – which then reminded me of this ….

… but the prompt did, not the girl or even the fifty foot booted woman! With her boots walking all over me …. erm, actually perhaps that is another conversation that might even belong in the new series ‘Confessions’…… actually it was the image below that really got me going  .. the detail of the image itself – what was the movie, what was it about? look at all the detail in this image, this black and white image, there is so much detail!


You see, it’s always the devil in the details, always … this image, made me jolt upright and l then proceeded to spend a couple of hours researching it … Fandango awarded us these details … The image below is from the New York Public Library at Unsplash.com which will lead you to this on a Google search …   The New York Public Library  ….. and the very first image is the one above.

That image is actually – Walker Evans. Movie theatre on Saint Charles Street. Liberty Theater, New Orleans, Louisiana. [1935 or 1936]. Library of Congress. Taking you here … LIBRARY

However, whilst there is very little to actually go on, there isn’t ‘nothing’ there are hints in the movie poster if you increase its maginification – as said the devil is in the details … always …


What can we see with the image above … slightly bigger and clearer… and an extra rinse? Well we can see three people, one of which l happen to recognise as being “Bert Wheeler’, but also, top left we can see the lettering of Whee. Then there is Robert Woo? But on the far side we can also see Do? But also, top angled right we can see what looks like the word “Rainm…” Typical B/W film posters of the time would display the Lead Actor Duo and then the A support actor/tress.

We know that the image is of The Liberty Theatre in New Orleans with the circa of 1935 … so we know it’s displaying an American film starring Bert Wheeler …. okay, next port of call .. List of American films of 1935 Then start putting in our clues notably the biggest one ‘ Bert Wheeler’  Instantly 2 hits – The Nitwits or The Rainmakers both he stars with Robert  Woolsey whilst in The Rainmakers best supporting actress is Dorothy Lee.

The Rainmakers is a 1935 American comedy film directed by Fred Guiol from a screenplay by Grant Garrett and Leslie Goodwins, based on a story by Guiol and Albert Traynor. RKO Radio Pictures released the film on October 25, 1935, starring the comedy team of Wheeler & Woolsey (Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey) and Dorothy Lee.


Hurray! The Devil is in…

You see, it’s prompts like these,
That lead me forward into temptation,
I love to get my biscuits dunked in the tea,
When playing around and discovering revelations!
I suppose some might call my behaviour egregious,
.. l don’t, it’s just wickedly good fun,
To at times, be devilish and enticingly frivolous!
… when working to get the job done!
Equally, it’s nice to know that occasionally things are a cinch,
…. No unnecessary sweating and cursing required,
Just plain old fashioned deep ploughing to clinch,
… what was so such desired!
At the end of the day, what matters the most,
… is that all of this was achieved without a nap,
Now, l can hold my tea aloft and award a toast,
… and salute and thank the prompters all with a twitch of my cap!

…. the Details!

© Rory Matier 2020

By the way …. this poem reads exceedingly well with this ….

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Well You Prompted Me Final JPEG

23 thoughts on “Well You Prompted Me!!

  1. That was an amazing post, Rory. I appreciated your research into my photo prompt. You certainly dug way deeper than I did when I selected that photo. And, interestingly, I would have sworn that the man on the right of the marquee image was a young George Burns, but it turned out to be Robert Woolsey, someone I’d never heard of before. I learned a lot by reading your post. I’m delighted that my post was one of the ones that prompted you!

    1. Hey Fandango, strangely enough l too thought of George Burns, and l instantly thought of a posture he held in ‘Oh God’ with the poster, then l realised with the circa, it couldn’t be him – but it was the Burns character which then helped me identify Bert Wheeler and only because l couldn’t remember the Woolsey character’s full name.

      Last year l did a theme time bio called Theme Times – Bing and Bob Roadside! That was the first to introduce me to the ‘typical posters theory’ and then when l saw yours – it all clicked. Principally it was yours that made everything else possible and yet it had enough of a magical quality to be a post of its own – so thank you 🙂

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