The Really You!

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The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 13

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What is or who is The Really You? No, really, as in really you? Who are you really? That’s basically what this game is about – who are you – who is – the really you!

Every week – just three questions – about you to tell us!

Are you ageing gracefully?

I always thought when younger that l would get older easily without the aches and pains that l saw in people of my age today and older, back then. Mm, well …. l am getting older. I am 57 this year and whilst still young at heart and in mind and brain, my body is telling me there is a different story to be read and heard! My body is almost the same as that of a creaking 90 year old! I am determined this year to get it back to the age l am currently – which will mean improving my diet, doing more exercise and starting to enjoy life again.

I have a busy year ahead planned for wellbeing and mindfulness [much overrated those terms], but as to growing old gracefully – l will let you know next December. Suze is doing way better than me!

When younger than you are now, did you ever wish yourself older and did you wonder how well you might be faring?

Not really, l didn’t give it a lot of thought, l sort of went with the flow. When around the ages of 11 – 14 l did wish l was older so that l could leave home and escape the madness of homelife. But l can’t recall dwelling on the ageing prospects – on the odd occasion l did happen chance upon the question as to whether l would ever see thirty? That was because of the life l was leading and living.

I do remember thinking at 40, that l hoped life was going to improve – because marriage to my then wife sucked! Lukcily l managed to escape that four years later. At 50, l just thought ‘Shit l thought l might have felt better than this!!”

Halve your current age today and thinking back to that younger half age if you were to write a note you other older half of life  as a heads up, what would you say?

Well let’s see, 57 in May 2020 – and half my age would take me back to 1991 – 1992 roughly when l was 28-29. This particular question is also a reversal of the typical question …. so l would probably say

‘The reason you feel the way you do now my friend,  is because l lived hard, l played harder and l basically lived my life and also, l am sorry because in addition to living my life l tried desperately hard to end my life equally as much and l feel pretty sure this may be physically reflective as l, me, we and you get older! I have done things you might not experience as you get and have gotten older – but we always did them together – so you may feel creaky today, but by the stars l have given you a shed load of memories – use them well!”

So there we go folks!

Three basic The Really You questions for you …

… now it’s your turn!

If you create a post with your answer please do remember to add a ping back to this post – l am currently not getting all the links and so sometimes l never see your responses, so a manual link in the comments also helps out – Cheers Rory

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  1. I do like these questions – I was mentally answering them as I read along…and I actually HAD answers LOL

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