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“Oh my days – what are you like – seriously!”

Today Suze and l were out for lunch, it’s all part of our stages of ‘getting back to living a normal life programme ‘, l will explain that more in the series ‘Being True Dog’ when it starts later this month, however whilst we were out, the table in front of us were talking about ‘acronyms’ and how it appeared that everyone and their dogs were now talking in this crazy language!

The couple in front of us were in the later 70’s and l couldn’t help but feel that they were a little antiquated with this conversation and they reminded me of my mother a lot and more so when the woman suddenly declared “Oh l know what you mean love, Sarah called me the other day to ask why l was always laughing at her when l sent her a text back?”

“Well this caught me by surprise l thought and so l asked whatever she meant and she said well you end all your texts with LOL which means ‘laugh out loud!” So l had to correct her and told her that my LOL was in fact ‘Lots of Love’. Well do you know what she answered with? I will tell you love, because you could never guess  – l will spell it out to you all capitals ‘O M D-W R U’ L-S R-S L Y!’

There was a pause whilst the man obviously took this all on board and a minute or so before he asked … “What’s that mean then??”

“Well exactly my thoughts, so l asked Sarah and she sent me a text back saying “Oh my days – what are you like – seriously!” The world’s gone mad l tell you, mad! How on earth is anyone supposed to understand all this gibberish and jibberish?!”

I leaned forwards and asked Suze ‘”How many acronyms do you use daily?” Suze answered me with ‘Not many in truth, you?” “Not many either, it’s not that l don’t use them, but l try not to – l occasionally use some in game like BRB , TY, YW, OK, WB and LOL’, but that’s really about it, althouh l do use WTF and variations of that!”

However, l do see quite a few used whilst blogging by bloggers – so the question today is from the list below how many do you use, OR are there ones you use not in the list? This is not a definitive list.

List of Commonly Used Acronyms

AFK – Away from Keyboard

BBIAB – Be Back in A Bit

BBL – Be Back Later

BBS – Be Back Soon

BEG – Big Evil Grin

BRB – Be Right Back

BTW – By the Way

EG – Evil Grin

FISH – First In, Still Here

IDK – I Don’t Know

IMO – In My Opinion

IMHO – In my honest/humble opinion

IRL – In Real Life

KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid

LOL – Laughing Out Loud

NYOB – None of Your Business

OMG – Oh My God

POS – Parents Over Shoulder

TTYL – Talk to You Later

TY – Thank You

YW – You’re Welcome

WB – Welcome Back

DW – Don’t Worry

SRSLY – Seriously

WTF – What the Fudge

WTH – What the Hell

ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival

DND – Do not disturb

DIY – Do it yourself

ROFLOL – Rolling on floor laughing out loud

ROFLMAO – Rolling on floor laughing my ass off.

CWOT – Complete waste of time.

B/c – Because

IMBGO – I must be getting old.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions.


Let me know below your favourite acronyms – but if you don’t use them, let me know why?

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13 thoughts on “OMD-WRU’L – SR-SLY!

  1. I use 4 of them on a regular basis – LOL,OMG, WTF, WTH – don’t know that I have ever used the others – I also use POV (point of view) occasionally.

  2. I tend to use OMG and WTF a lot… I thought SMH was suck my head for long enough until someone told me no, its shake my head! Whoops!

      1. 😂 see? I’m not the only one who thought SMH wasn’t obvious – that or I have an extremely filthy mind 😂

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