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Plenty for 20! – 6

Let me tell you a story …. ‘New Story Series’


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This year there is to be more in the way of ‘new story series’ – some of these series started last year such as The Teddy Bear Stories and there’s quite a few of those still to come this year – the next story along will be a much longer story as it will involve a ‘Soul Bear’ that is called Gertie/Gerty and belonged to Scrappy – it was her bear, that Suze got for her for Christmas in 2015 and Gertie is now my bear…. but there is a real story here which l will write about next week.

There has been significant change in Bear Clan here – as in new space allotments as you can see above … Gertie is more clearly seen on the top row 4th from the left and stting right next to Henry Bear.

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Gertie’s story will also pull into the frame a series that was going to be written this year, but l have shelved and that was “The Last Pack Member’. The stories that sit there will be displayed in the new Teddy Bear Story. Originally this was going to be Scrappy’s autobiography – however – recent changes and events have changed this significantly and the new series of ‘Our journey’s’ is to be called “Being True Dog” which is set to start at the end of this month and will be a very different approach to writing about Scrappy and myself and the pack. Lisa has her work cut out for the design for this series.

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Another series set to start in the Spring is ‘The Confession Series …which is principally a mixture of reality and fiction writing [to ensure that identities are maintained correctly] and this series will look at periods of time with stories from 1980 all the way through till 1993 covering various hobbies, activities and careers l held and took part in.

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Another series to commence and which will be a ‘reality series’ is to be found in the Topical Directories and this will be “A Man on Pause Too!” which is to be a look at menopause from the man’s perspective and how living with menopause from your partner can be interesting and survivable.


Closing this episode off – one of the other new series l am looking to start next month will be “The Cynical Blogger’ which will be launched from the ‘About’ section of the blog itself. This will be a ‘darker look’ at blogging series which will formerly introduce you all to the ‘Likemonli’ Monster.

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Whilst NOT a new series – The Autism and Mental Health Directory is going to see new posts on this subject – my own autism/Aspergers and mental health. Some of the ‘Wordy’ designs l have for sale in Redbubble are going to be undergoing a ‘redesign facelift’ a revamping  so we will be seeing some new posts to celebrate their new looks.

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There will be other new series both topical and fiction introduced to the blog this year, but these are the ones that are to be launched and commenced in the next  6 – 8 weeks. Anyway, that is Episode 6 of Plenty for 20 – l will see you next time. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I am in awe of your organization. It’s very cool! My brain just doesnt work that way.

    SO many great ideas and all set to go or waiting for finishing touches. I’m looking forward to watching these ideas come to life!

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