Well You Prompted Me!

Well You Prompted Me!

TLDR Note!

Today, three fabulous prompts have caught my eye … two question based and one provoker and yet all have provoked a ‘provocation response’!

They are notably and in this order …

This is a Long Content piece at 2076 words – oops!

The Monday Peeve 18

#TMP – Light Motifs II – Paula


Share Your World 1-13-20

#SYW – Sparks from a Combustible Mind – Melanie


Blogging Insights

#blogginginsights – Salted Caramel – Dr Tanya



Well You Prompted Me!!

12 days ago, an email notification arrived in my spam folder from a blogger that l don’t follow personally – l wasn’t going to read it – but it spoke of intolerance in the bit l could see which sparked my curiosity and when l opened it up and read it and chased it back to the original poster l saw that l didn’t follow this person and after spending perhaps an hour reading from their blog and following back from the comments left on the post and starting to piece together who followed who – l am still not sure if this person follows me – perhaps they do – which makes me a little more curious considering what they ‘tolerate’ and what they don’t tolerate and what l do.

I have an open mind  with all sorts of things, l am pretty good, l am also remarkably curious anyway which helps.

What l do struggle with is people and their  –  plain stupidity – fickleness where it is NOT warranted and judgementalness on others – l don’t judge others – l work on being more open to new things. It’s not about tolerance – there are things l don’t tolerate – like cruelty to animals, cruelty to children, cruelty to people – l can’t stand nor tolerate ‘cruelty’ be this in the form of physical, mental, personal, emotional and judgemental – because being judgemental is a form of cruelty – people who make themselves judge, jury and executioner regarding their beliefs on others or what they tolerate of others.

What l also found ironic in the post was the talk of tolerance and the talk further of wanting to be tolerated on the same level for belief? So the poster had to ‘tolerate’ certain things and then was upset because people were not tolerant to their beliefs – it read as a kind of tit for tat – but it wasn’t – it was worse.

But in truth, in recent weeks in WordPress l have seen a lot of this behaviour.

The reading incensed me at the time as well as annoyed me, but my peeve is fickleness, judgementalness and stupidity of so called righteous people.

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In this weeks ‘Share Your World’, Melanie asks of her readers the following questions …

What’s something your brain tries to make you do, which you have to will yourself NOT to do?  (could be a bad habit, a physical response to something…your interpretation is as good as mine! )

Yell at people for their fickleness and blatant righteousness and their so called belief they are better than everyone else! I want to do that so much at times, but l don’t – l remain diplomatic and polite. Two wrongs don’t make a right and two wrongs don’t make it anymore righteous!

When someone finds out what you do, or where you are from, what question do they always ask you?

Why do you do that? Sorry – what is it you said you do again, l am not sure l heard you correctly? Or, the classic ‘”Sorry who are you again?”

What’s something terrifying that we’ve all come to accept as a fact of life?

That there are some really terrifying people out there that are in positions of power that believers of those people have put them into those powerful positions.

Should governments make laws to protect people from harming themselves?  Could that even work?  (yes this one is deep, maybe too deep).

How do you define harm or the harm – what is the true definition of someone hurting themself – physical injury, substance abuse, mental cruelty, belief – then what laws? What would the power be on those that are looking to prevent the harm? How do they identify the ‘harm’, on what are they basing harm to be?

If a person attempts suicide are they to be charged with attempted self murder? In 1961 the Suicide Act was passed – it decriminalised the act of suicide which previous to was seen as an offence and the offenders prosecuted.

This reminds me of a couple of things – l remember long ago when asked about the legalising of prostitution and someone jokingly asked me how l would price up a sexual price list? I remember thinking how does one define the service of acts as good, bad or basic and fugly – how do you define that? How do you define whether you had good or bad sex? How do you police it?

How do you define the true essence of harm, how do you police it and regulate it – how can we forward thinking the nature of a crime before it is comitted? This then made me think of the film Minority Report 2002 … Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell.

An excellent question Melanie and one l will be asking more of you in the future.


That as much as it hurt us both we were able to allow Scrappy dignity in death.

Tiny poll:   I’m curious what type of questions YOU, the reader, would like to see more of?   Less of?   Has SYW gotten too philosophical and less fun in nature?

The questions are fine, but l would say at times to kick up the notch in depth and provocation.

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Tanya’s asks the following questions in this weeks episode of Blogging Insights.

How long are your blog posts on average?

It seems everyone is hyperfocused on stats these days – why?

If a blog isn’t a monetized and is a personal blog – what difference does it make to a creator what the length of their postal entry is – l am seeing this a lot recently and strangely enough when l start The Cynical Blogger as a series l will be looking at this style of thing as in hyperfocus on what is considered ‘ideal’ and more important.

My posts are as follows…. according to WP Stats. I Started my Blog September 17th so the 2017 figure is only really three and half months or so.

My average word count was 573 per post for the year 2019.


Total Posts

Total Comments
Avg Comments Total



per post



338 17.8 160 8.4 6,678


12,924 5.1 45,000 15.7 691,204


32,747 8.9 77,000 19.1 2,111,323


724 13.7 1800 17.7 30,279


The reality however to those who really know my blog is that l am a ‘Long Content’ writer – however because l produce other ‘shorter content’ publishings, these are then divided into my overall figure. My classic word count is around 1500 words. I am aware l have lost ‘followers’ because of that as well. My posts are the length they are – it is that simple, some are short, some are long.

As they say ‘it’s not so much the length of it, it’s what it does for you that matters!’

Given the option, would you rather post long form or short form content?

I already have the option … l have choice – if l was forced to decide then l would simply write it as l do now – some is short and some is longer than short and some is longer than long.

Time is short and the attention spans of social media users shorter still, why do you think the search engines prefer longer content?

I have to agree with Paula hereSupplemental Peeve!

Also, time is no shorter than it ever was, fyi. An hour still has 60 minutes in it; a day contains 24 hours as it always has. Not only that, but we now have a zillion things to save us time… who churns their own butter or takes their clothes to the river to wash them anymore? Okay then.

This is my own philosophy too – however something else …. WordPress is a blogging community – it is a plethora of writers  and creators – some may be, may well be ‘social media users’ as well ……………. on other platforms but here in WordPress they are writers and creators not ‘only’ social media pundits complaining about a shortage of time.

Time is short for everyone – but TIME itself is no shorter – we each can make time work more efficiently for us and we need to spend time making more time for ourselves.

If readers and bloggers alike who worry about time,  ‘dropped’ their own expectations and obligations and also dropped their social media instincts – they might surprise themselves with the time they actually have. Renard of Renard’s World said something to me last year – “My Blog is always here Rory, worry not if you don’t get to me each week.” That comment made me think ‘Renard is spot on, unless our blogs suddenly disappear they are always there. They can be read whenever, perhaps not always commented upon, but they can be read.

What people need to realise is that we are the ONLY ones guilty of pressuring ourselves with time restraints, not TIME itself. It’s us – who says you have to read everyone’s posts in one week? I don’t. I read posts daily, but sometimes l am weeks behind when those posts were created. I keep up as much as l can with the prompts l follow and l try where l can to do those weekly or a few times a month – because l want to – l make the time for them, like today, now, here with these three – l made the time to do them. I made that decision – TIME didn’t – l did.

Social media platforms are designed for those with shorter attention spans and want lots of information very quickly and don’t care how they acquire it. Bloggers are not here to restrain themselves unless a guideline suggests it so – most bloggers are personal bloggers ….. so for me, l am not a social media pundit here in WordPress … l am a writer who has a social community of readers and friends alike.

WordPress are trying to motivate blogging to the likes of social media platforms but blogging is NOT social media fodder it’s readers reading content and WP need to wake up and smell the coffee on that topic.

I play World of Warcraft l have played this game since 2004 – 15 years now, even when l wasn’t playing l was still paying the subscription – l am what they call a veteran having been playing since the game first began – l have seen many changes and nerfs [a nerf is fixing something that wasn’t broken to begin with but done so because it might work better- usually it means the nerf to fix is a nerf to break].

But l have seen over the years the novices come in and try and change things for the so called better to make the game more user friendly, to make it more efficient and all that has really happened is that these changes have broken the game – loyalty is a fierce emotion – but it can be tried and stretched and if it is stretched too much – it breaks and people look for easier access and familiarity again. People know what they want and when they find it they hold it close …

WP is getting to the point where loyalties are being stretched – because it is trying to do too much and forgetting that it is NOT social media.

Why do SEO’s prefer long content?

So they have actual ‘content’ to work with and bite into – the more words, the more likes, the more comments, the more  quality non spam links you are feeding the SEO and your SEO – you are feeding the machine that helps you become read in the first place, by readers and not so much social media pundits.

You can produce shorter content and your traffic will ‘soar’ or will it, what is the quality over the content ratio itself?  Does shorter content get any more likes than longer content? What about those who like anything with a pulse are they reading your content or just liking your content? How much interaction and engagement of depth do you get? Likes are nothing in WP, they are ten a penny, it’s comments of depth and quality that make for interaction and engagement –  but in truth it doesn’t really come down to Short Content or Long Content it comes down to ‘Actual Content’ and whether people want to read from the top of your post to the bottom of your post or not.

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20 thoughts on “Well You Prompted Me!

  1. Hold up a minute. Has Scrappy passed away? When? How did I miss that? I’m so very sorry. :'( She was a very special girl and I know what a big hole that must have left. I need to go process this information. Thanks Rory for the inclusion in your “You Prompted Me” and sharing Your World. Take care.

    1. Yes sadly Scrappy had to be put to sleep on the 12th Melanie – her K9 Dementia was making her health very detrimental, she had simply sped up with anxiousness and this is what ultimately we had to make the decision on.

      It was heartbreaking and both Suze and l are in a limbo – l am going to write about this in a new series called ‘Being true Dog’, l just need to gather my strength a bit.

      1. So sorry for the loss of your beloved Scrappy. You did the right thing for her and she’ll be wagging her tail in the happy hunting grounds now.

  2. The whole stats thing… I only look at my stats when I accidentally click on them. (I use my phone, stuff is close together). Its nice to know people are reading and getting something from what I write, but I’d still write if my readership dropped. I’d wonder where everyone went & why, but 🤷🏼‍♀️ I write what I want to.

    The time thing. It’s like I commented on Paula’s post, I quit saying “find time, if I have time…” I realized it’s about priorities. If it’s important, I MAKE time. I prioritize.

    Basically I’d say you & I are thinking on the same wavelength here. Is that a good thing or a very frightening thing?😂

  3. Yep! Thanks for quoting me! In the “old days” we may have read the newspaper in the morning and/or watched the news for a little while at night. That was plenty, but now we feel anxious if we aren’t checking various sites a thousand times a day for updates on bombings and fires and floods and the fucking Royals and Trumps and Kardashians and what did all my friends say about all those things and their friends and how did my favorite celebs react to these pieces of nooz? Gotta know! Can’t be outta the loop! Yikes, where did the time go???

  4. My stats are all over the place according to WP. One day I checked the views. First time it was 250. Then looked again a few minutes later and it was 50. Then a few minutes later it was 200. So don’t trust it as it looks just random for me.

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