How Notified Are You … Really?

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How Notified Are You … Really?

Something l find myself asking and querying a lot of late and especially here in WordPress is … how notified are we all really? By this l refer to ‘notifications’ and receiving notifications?

In the next few months l will be starting a series called ‘The Cynical Blogger’ – The Dark Side to Blogging’ – which will look at the bitty, shitty, gritty side to blogging and trust me there is this side to it – but for the time being back to this question – how notified are you?

Are we always getting all our notifications from and through WordPress? Despite having an eCommerce site and many think that l receive exceptional service – it is easier to say l don’t – l lose many comments each and every day and were it not for the fact l run two platforms on two screens every day in addition to my working screen, l would not see those missing comments from bloggers on my posts. [By this l mean, l am able to see my posts on Microsoft Edge and Firefox and there is a huge difference to what can be seen and what isn’t between the two browsers.]

On average every week, l believe l lose close to 30% comments that l must manually recover by digging through my weekly posts. Some end up occasionally in ‘spam’, many end up in ‘pending’ and others well they just disappear into the world of WP and end up lost – some forever…. additionally l believe that many of my own comments go missing on other bloggers sites – either hitting spam or maybe being ignored or not being seen or becoming swallowed up by the monster known as WP – l don’t know in truth.

Some bloggers have all notifications switched off and so, they never see any anyway, some have tweaked their settings in different ways again to lean this way or lean that way … so it’s hard to say … but at times l think that this lack of communications and commentary from blogger to blogger is an attack on community itself – l mean what is the point to commenting on anything if they are unseen – what’s the point to commenting or even linking to blogs if these are disabled?

I have had to rearrange certain beliefs here in WP that l once held and reestablish them as confusions …I am guilty of creating posts that hold links to other blogs – it is how l compliment blogs and dedicate music clips to other bloggers – these posts with their links to other blogs and their bloggers are meant to be seen by them and yet …. l would have to say that l personally believe only 50% actually get through?

I sometimes wonder if the ‘Gifting the Compliment’ as an example is seen by everyone it should be seen by? It holds links to blog posts and the bloggers who created them and yet – so many tell me they never received a notification …mm? Why is that?

Someone recently commented ‘You must be a tad irked with your service at comments being lost?’ Yes, this is true – the eCommerce site is an expensive plan – l got it for more space and not really for anything else – as l disabled many of the additional features when l first got the plan – for me it was extra space only – if WP had simply offered an additional ‘extra space plan’ l would have bought that – but they didn’t.

But as a community of writers our communications should not be reflective upon our plan packages – our basic needs are perhaps not being met and more so if comments and linked notifications are being lost to the dictionaries of time?

If people are deliberately disabling notifications in their settings that is one thing, in fact that is something else completely – if people are deliberately ignoring notifications – well that is really a moral judgement call … but if comments and links are being lost through a flawed system then that is a much bigger problem – it means that in essence none of us are ever truly being communicated to, seen and or heard properly … that, mm … well that is something else entirely … isn’t it?

So to the question at hand …. how notified are you …. really?

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20 thoughts on “How Notified Are You … Really?

  1. I’ve set up my site so that pingbacks are only enabled on posts but not pages, because I want my pages to have a cleaner look. But it means I don’t get a notification if someone links to

  2. I never get a notification if someone links to my page, only to a post. Every once in a while, I’ll jump into the comments of one of my posts and see that I missed responding to one or more due to notification failure. I have to then imagine there are lots more, in various posts I haven’t checked. And then I think… so what? I certainly don’t keep track of who replies to my comments, so I doubt anyone else is either. This isn’t like following up on a business email because it’s crucial that Mr. Jones answers a question about a contract. It’s just a hobby. I do wish it all worked more seamlessly, since I am paying for a plan, but ultimately, eh… I don’t want to stress about blogging.

  3. Despite never having messed with the notifications on my Reader (except to turn off the immediate notification button), my notifications are spotty at best. I see posts in the Reader of course, but I also am supposed to get a notification in my email of some bloggers’ posts (I follow around 200+ bloggers, so getting notifications from all would be email chaos). Some of that number don’t post every day and others have stopped posting at all. And the ones (like yourself) that I’ve tagged to get notifications from? It’s random what will or will not show up. Yay WordPress.

  4. I’ve turned off email notifications for all but a very few blogs that are sporadically active.

    I think I get likes & comments. I haven’t heard otherwise.

    Links & pingbacks will go to posts but not my blog in general. I’ve never gotten a link notice from you unless you put it manually in my comments. I usually see the stuff linked when I’m reading your post.

    I’m pretty sure I took all restrictions off my blog because of all the problems I was having. We’ve all kind of accepted that WP is glitchy, but maybe accepting small problems like this leads to accepting more and more? This is how we wind up in the big messes (political, climate, etc). Maybe we should all be more ‘squeaky wheel’?🤔

    1. I think we should become a squeaky wheel for sure – WP is just getting used to people only marginally complaining, but WP whilst big, are not the only players in town.

  5. Hello, Rory! Since I’ve been on/off for 2 months, my notifications are showing that I’m flat lining with ratings. LOL! No one’s fault but my own.
    I also don’t have other social media outlets on purpose.
    I’m moving at a sloths pace🦥 to get back on here, but I have had so many days that have slipped from me. Then last night, we started having issues with our internet service. So, I’m trying to read before it shuts down again.
    I can’t wait to change our internet provider!!! 🙄

    1. Hey Tazzie – it’s very hard to know what the truer culprit is – l personally suspect it has something to do with Browsers and may not be all the fault of WordPress – where they are to blame may well be in not having the right algorithm for inter communications between their own platforms.

      Many a time a lot of comments and links get through to location, equally a lot of them don’t.

      I have three screens and two are set to different viewing browsers – in Microsoft Edge – viewing WP and my own blog is terrible, and yet if l use Firefox the experience is completely different and indeed better.

      There are quite a few actual browsers and many writers in WP will use equally as many – l think this is where the problem lies.

      Hope you are keeping well 🙂

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