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The Decade Tag

Stu of Something to Stu Over has tagged me for The Decade Tag – an interesting ‘prompt’ spanning yes you have guessed it ‘the last ten years!’ So, my thanks to Stu – let’s see what l can do with this shall we? 

The Creator of The Decade Tag is Jesusluvsall’s Blog

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This is a little confusing in fact, because as of yet we are not through 2020 and l am one that firmly believes that the new 10 year decade for 2010 – 2020 especially given this tag would be commencing at the end of this year! So, l will start this tag from 11th January 2010 – 10th January 2020.

The start of the decade for me  –  2010 and forwards saw me close the doors to my 20 years exotic brokerage business ‘TSKA Exotics’ – become aware l had unwittingly and unknowingly become a slave to two horrible landlords – discovered  my inner self and what life with a new diagnosis of Aspergers would mean.

Meet my  current partner Suzanne and travel through trials and tribulations and come out the other end in one piece’ish. Lose one of two of my remarkable K9 companions – Dora. I had lost Lucy and Misty the previous year of 2009. But still had Scrappy with me by my side.

Rediscovered my love for writing … and of course l could go on – but in truth the last ten years have been more about personal discovery then adventure, they have been about me.

Stu’s 4 Questions

What is the most important lesson you have learned in the past ten years?

That not all people are a pain in the ass … but finding the good ones isn’t an easy task – but it’s not an impossible task either!

Can you share a moment where you were laughing so hard you had tears in your eyes?

Yes, quite recently – l wrote about it as well here – Dear Blog – “Three in the bed and one on top!” ,  I was crying!!

How many jobs have you had in the past ten years?

Jan 11th – 2010 – Jan – 10th 2020  = 4

1] F/T – Owner – TSKA Exotics 1990 – 2010 [Closed Doors/Sold Business to International Buyer]

2] F/T – Stable Manager 2009 – 2012

3] Online Book Trader 2008 – 2017

4] P/T Wildlife Park Assistant 2015

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Mm, ten years time …. I don’t know l am afraid Stu – the days of forward planning that many years are gone – l try and live for now. I used to forward think to five – ten year blocks – but it’s all bollocks – life is short – it is meant to be lived for now – in ten years time, if l am still blogging, l will come back to this question and tell you about the journey from today till then, and then tell you where l am – how’s that?

My 4 Questions

What have been your happiest moments between the years of January 2010 – Currently?

Do you think that in the last ten years all of your personality has come through or do you still think there is more to develop?

Did you manage to tick off any ‘bucket list’ requirements over the last ten years – if so what were they?

Did you have a good, bad, or fugly decade?

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  1. “…but in truth the last ten years have been more about personal discovery then adventure, they have been about me.”

    That is the best kind of ‘adventure’!!💌

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