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Recap so far

Over the last four episodes l have written about quite a few of the changes that A Guy Called Bloke blog will be undergoing this year and has already undergone previously.

Is there a lot more change in this series to come or have l covered it all?  Well since July 2019 and the decision to introduce a brand to the blog – many of the changes have already occured and regular visitors and readers are already familiar with them.

I have a strategy for my blog – l have had one since January 2018, and for that whole 12 months till December of that year, the strategy was in the background, watching and observing  not just readership engagement but watching me as well – what did l want from my blog? What did l wish to provide with my blog? More importantly what was the direction of my blog?

In January 2019 l was becoming more aware of what l wanted from my blog for me personally and by July 2019, l came to realise the direction l wanted the blog to take for my readership.

I think some of the hardest questions a new blogger can ask themselves with regards their blog are:

“Where do l want my blog to take me?”

‘Why am l blogging and what am l blogging for?’

‘Who am l blogging for?”

“What is it l am wanting to say?”

“Who am l looking for to say it to?”

“Do they need to hear what l have to say and will they glean anything from it?”

What direction am l wanting to take with my blog?

Does the world need another blogger?

How important is my blogging going to be to me and will my blog become important to others too?

What makes me different from all the other blogs out there?

These are the questions l didn’t ask myself back in September 2017 when l created my first ever blog, but l started to ask those questions in January 2018 and by July 2019 l was starting to answer them with learned and acquired knowledge. Of the 10 questions l am pretty knowledgeable  – answers wise to a good 70% of them  – the remaining questions are not unanswered – l have answered them, but they are not fixed in concrete and they allow me to continually change and evolve.

My blog works to a defined method of ‘productivity’ – this is not what everyone works to, but that’s down to them, they are not me – l am me, and therefore l must work with a system that allows me to understand what l want, how l am going to achieve it and why l am doing it … but more importantly where l am going with it and … why?

The last question is ‘what makes me different?’ I am the difference … l work bloody hard to constantly be different from the others as much as l can. I want to provide a very different blog. in order to do that, l have to keep changing things. Even when some things look the same, they are different still.

‘ Cr’De@f’ Difference’ Strategy


‘ Cr’De@f’ Difference’


C – Community

D – Diversity

E – Entertainment

 F – Freelance

Everything l create or even just imagine that can be created has to fall into the above strategy – is it community orientated? Is it diverse? Is it Entertaining? Or is it freelance as in ‘indie?’.

Prompts and games are both community and entertainment, topical stories are usually freelance, stories and tales are entertainment and diversity and it goes on, so everything that l create for my readership has to qualify under one of those headings. Together it makes for ….

‘Cr’De@’f’ Difference’

So far in this series we have looked at Universal Greetings   as in first posts of the day and their seasons and series, new series to be introduced and started like ... Deep in the Amazon – A Seller’s Journey! , My Journal – The Positive Brain , my tee shirts hobbyClassic Eggshell Moments – Redbubble , awarding fellow writers compliments with “Gifting the Compliment Directory’ , the gardening series new and old –  Doin’ The Dirt [Directory] , 366 Days of Gardening! [Directory] , Prompts and Community Prompts creation and response with – Community Prompt Tagging – Well You Prompted Me!!  ,Games and questions  with  24 Hour Blog Question Directory ,we have looked at new community topical prompts like Magazine on a Bench!  so, have l completed this mini – series just yet?

Not completely – no, there are new features still to come and l will talk about them in the next episode. There are of course Feature pages that have been with you for quite some time, that perhaps you are not fully aware of like …

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Seasonal Events JPEG

Seasonal Events … which you might like to check out and see if there is anything we may have missed and or perhaps need to consider?  Starting this year will be a new series called the ‘Adventures of Sneaky Sneakers‘ …  more on that soon!

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Sneaky Sneakers

You will already have seen the Topical Posts banners as they have been in use for the last three to four months now … but l have plans to create more topical posts again this year.  Topical Posts Directory- Autism & Mental Health and  Miscellaneous Topical Posts

A Guy Called Bloke Presents Topical2 JPEG

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Msc Topical Posts JPEG

So there is still a significant amount of changes to introduce to the blog for this year, however for the time being and until the next episode – thanks for reading and joining me on this small series recap and l will catch up with you next week!

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  1. So many details… I know your mind needs & thrives on them. I’m the opposite. I get bogged down with details. Even when I was in management and multi-tasking exceptionally, I couldn’t do the details.

    Diversity is an awesome thing! 💃🏼

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