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Plenty for 20! – 4

I run a lot of series, in fact l run more series than l run single content pieces – for me life is easier when a continuation of something is tucked into a series – l know where l stand and where l am and more importantly, where the content is. 

Everything l write and publish these days is archived into a series on a feature page – so l don’t have to scroll through hundreds of posts trying to find something in a hurry. But also my archived series posts serve me well because l am able to reread through the comments left by the readers and these many a time award me an enormous wealth of information that l can utilise and reuse to produce new content.

I work with four posts daily now, and because l only allow myself this small number of published content – it makes my life easier to establish a solid routine of structure as well as allowing me to have more free time – be this for reading other writer’s content or researching something l am working on, it allows me more free time to work on my own projects as well as study. ‘Series, structure, routine and schedules’ makes work more fun.

Not everybody loves routine as much as l do – many prefer and to coin a phrase used only today in the blog by Sadje in one of her response comments ‘to go with flow’ and yet l see frequently readers and writers alike refer to series all the time. So you don’t have to be set in a routine to appreciate a series.

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Universal Greetings

One of the regulars l run is ‘The Universal Greetings’ series. Which is the first post published of my day. I have been publishing morning greeting posts since 2018, although l only started archiving the posts once l started to place them into ‘Seasons’ and serialising them. Seasons 1 – 4 began in March 2019 with  ‘I Just Wanted To Say!’

The series both archived and not have always proved popular with visitors who over time have become regulars, it has always featured ‘music’ and for a long while ‘dedications’.

The latter causes a few problems occasionally as l have learned if l dedicate to too many people in one post, those notifications can end up in their spam folders and so many a time those l have dedicated something to never see their own dedications.

For all the new seasons – l am working on something different to try and avoid this from happening.

The first published post of the day is to be seen and read or interpreted as a motivation post from me to my readership. Since March of last year, there have been a total of 9 seasons and five series. Each series introduces something slightly different to that of the last. I try where l can to always make them ‘motivational and spread a little positivity’ as well. 

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On the 10th January we start a new Season and a new Series – this being Season 10 and Series 6. The New Series will be titled “The Hello!” I expect this Season to run for a couple of months before Season 11 begins. I try to run a season for around 8 – 10 weeks before a new Series/Season begins – but l have plans this year to make this first post a bit more ‘kicking’ .

In total there are and will be 10 ‘series’ and of course they can all mix and match as and when with additional ‘daily features’ l have already used and you have seen introduced over the last year.

In this coming year this ‘first published post’, will be one of the four mainstay posts of the blog and will also be used as a form of promotional bulletin board, so l do see this postal series becoming quite busy in time as there are ideas l will run through the seasons as we progress into 2020.

I am always working on new ideas/new ways to ‘greet and motivate people with’ for this particular series, and you may recall not long back l asked you all a question in the 24 Hour Blog Question series – Is Hello Enough For You These Days?

Well that by itself received quite a few responses both on and off line, but Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind also used the question in one of her SYW’s and because of this that question got answered by a whole host of different writers and therefore it was able to award me more creative ability, function and thought into the new Season 10 – which is ultimately why the question was asked in the first place. So ‘The Hello‘ as a new series was born and thus created for the season.

Thanks to you all, with your comments l am able to further create content that appeals to the readers – so in many ways – this first post is motivated by those who frequently visit the series and they both get something from it as well as take something away for their day where ever they are in the world.

Anyway – this post was to formerly introduce you to the Universal Greetings series properly for 2020, but for the time being that’s enough and l’ll see you in the next episode.

So many thanks for reading.


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  1. I don’t have any preferences, but just wanted to let you know it’s always interesting to see what you come up with, Rory. Hope you are having a great day! Oh, gosh it’s after 7pm there by now, isn’t it? Well, hope you have a good night, then. 😊

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