Dear Blog – “How happy are you today Rory?”


“How happy are you today Rory?”


I have to be honest and concede to not feeling particularly overjoyed with life at this current time – this is not to be confused with feeling depressed … l am pretty sure l am not in depression – in fact l know l am not.

On a scale of 1 – 10 on the happiness scale l travel through various stages during the course of the day, each and every day is reflectively different to the previous day and so far in the last few weeks, there has been no specific landmark to suggest that one day has been the same as the previous day.

So where am l on the scale of happiness? It’s a question l ask myself daily – “How happy are you today Rory?” “Well seeing as you are asking Rory, l’ll tell you! “Thinking harder on the subject let’s take today as an example.

The time as l write this is 10.33am, l am aiming this post to be my 12.35pm slot, second post of the day. I woke up this morning to my two alarm clocks – l have shifted their timing slightly and have one now set at 6.59am and the other is set for 7.29am as that seems to make sure l get out of bed before 8am. This is working so far, so that earns me a happiness point of 1. So on the mornings now getting up before 8.00am, l am already on a score of 1 point, which is better than being on 0 points.

I am trying to get back to my system of going to bed at midnight and have been struggling with that for several months now .. a result l think of the stress load that is building up in the house sees me retire for the night around the 2am mark. Last night l was in bed at 12.45am, so as that is the start of a new day that is also worth one point.  So this morning having got up at 7.33am, l was 2 points happy.

l created a prompt – ‘Funny Brain on a stick with a quirky dick!’  which was a comical spoof [for those who didn’t suss that] about “I Feel Shitty!” Yesterday l actually was walking and dancing around the house in my PJ’s and fluffy Yeti boots before 8.00am as a 1 point Happy person singing ‘”I feel Shitty!” to the inside my head music of “I Feel Pretty!” I was contemplating how my brain which in comparison to my aching and ageing body is still pretty alert once it wakes up – but astonished at how Mr Willy irrelevant to my age is always so chipper and perky?

Every day is the same – l don’t award ‘Dick’ any points because he is just from outaspace l think and has an agenda of his own! Maybe in the next thirty years if Morning Dick is so chipper he might get a point for effort of presentation … but for the time being – no points to Dick!

But l did award myself 1 point to my Brain for creating the new song lyrics before 8am – so that’s how that prompt came about – l was singing it in the morning as a 2 point Happy Person! But that was yesterday – l finished yesterday on 9 points Happy. On a scale of 1 – 10 Happy, l was a 9 last night.

Last night Suze and l went out for dinner with her brother and his wife, and their son and his girlfriend, celebrating their 31 years together in anniversary. [Her brother and his wife that is] It was a good night with good food, good laughs and it was good to get out on a break from the house and away from the nightly ritual of stress with your dog who has dementia. Of course l worried whilst we were away, because in the evening’s Scrappy’s pacing rises and increases expotentially and so the stress creeps up. Then you travel through various stages of guilt – but we got back and she was fine – proving that Suze and l just overworry about our furbaby.


The Disgruntled Fox look!

Yesterday morning l was awarded a further 1 point before 8am, hearing Suze describe hearing some ‘wildlife snorking’ [that’s a noise] in the garden the previous night which turned out to be from the resident garden fox [she saw the fox outside the bedroom window] who found the garlics now covered by netting and was snorking  disapproval. So the netting worked and that was worth an extra point.

So by 8am yesterday morning l was 3 points Happy before my first coffee! By the time l had my second cup of coffee l was 4 points Happy. The day progressed at a good level of production and by the time we went out for the evening at 6.30pm my daily post quota was already in the bag. All l had to do was come back and create the post dated Universal Greeting post for this morning – so it was a good day for the Happy 9 pointer.

Today –  1 – 10 Happy Scale – Wednesday 08th January 2020.

Well it’s 11.05am and l am at a 6 point Happy stage.  I have awarded myself a 1 point for creating this post and knowing that in the next 20 minutes it’ll be finished in plenty of time before the 12.35pm slot. Meaning that l can get some reading done of other blogs before l start my next slot post [4.55pm] at 1.35pm.

So far today l get 1 point for getting to bed at 12.45am this morning, 1 point for getting up before 8am, 1 point for getting Scrappy walked before 9am and that it was a good walk without incident and Scrappy enjoyed it as much as she can and is aware of, so that is good and reason to be happy and that she is still with us. 1 point for the online shopping being delivered and everything was present with no changes or items missing and 1 point for starting the ‘blogging day’ with a clear idea of what l want to do today on the scheduler. 6 points Happy – which l don’t think is that bad for before midday.

So with my point system everything is about baby steps to keep my positivity levels high, most days l finish on a 7 – 8, but depending the stress levels in the house. Points can of course be taken off equally as much as added. So l know l am not depressed – but l prefer to be Happy pointed over Unhappy and have no points. But l do some days have to work really hard at it – because there is a lot stress ongoing at present … however l’ll discuss that later, this is a 2 part post anyway, so l’ll conclude this week.

But so far ‘Today is a Happy Day!’

However, how about you? Do you have a Happy Point system or a motivation system to keep your enthusiasm on par with your life? 

Let me know below.

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17 thoughts on “Dear Blog – “How happy are you today Rory?”

  1. You’ve a complicated and comprehensive system of points! I just go with the flow. Most days are good days of happy but the day I get my 7-8 hours of sleep or have a meeting with friends they are very good ones.

    1. Well that works for you Sadje, doesn’t work for me – l have to have the complexities to function – it keeps a mind orderly and free from junk. Having mental systems trains my mind to keep things straight – but if each and every day you go with the flow and that induces your happiness – then that is what works for you 🙂

      1. Yup, we all are different which makes our emotions different from each other.
        BTW, did you see my bing back from What’s your story?

        1. No, not yet … no ping back, but it might be sitting in the spam folder, and l haven’t checked that out yet, will do otherwise will head over to your site 🙂

    1. I agree, however, sometimes just being neutral isn’t always enough and l think in many cases people are willing to accept a neutral position and yet they could cheer themselves up by introducing little things – we all have more to be thankful for at times than we all sometimes believe.

      Suze is currently in a neutral position and l have to keep watching her in case she sinks below, like me she has a lot of stress on board that we are unable to do anything about, we can’t control it … we can go with the flow like for instanc e Sadje does, or accept a neutral position – or we can try and alleviate where we can and just realise that the world as bad as it is isn’t always as bad as we think it is for us … if that makes for sense.

  2. I generally start at neutral or a little above, even with the early bounce. I do look for things to make myself laugh or give me warm fuzzies. My life is so full of unpredictability I have to roll with it or go crazy.
    I sing silly songs, dance my dances, laugh at the absurdities… I’m a happy person most of the time. It’s a rare day that is on the unhappy side overall.

    I like your point system but it wouldn’t work for me. I’d keep forgetting what number I was at😂 I forgot my age again last night when someone asked. I had to math🙄

  3. Honestly, Since the week of Thanksgiving, my happiness scale was -0. I blamed it on (SAD)Seasonal Affective Disorder. This damn thing usually hits me in March, nope…not this year.
    As an added bonus…My entire imediate family has lied to me, (Again).
    This time however, I chronologically kept track of such discrepancies by looking back at journals, texts, and phone records.
    During this time I was moving my way up to a 2 on the scale. Then, I saw my therapist whom also was handed all of my documentation including texts.
    Quote, “You have one of the most toxic families I have ever seen.” (I finally got validation for feeling as poorly as I have.
    Monday came around and I finally had a discussion with my mother. Note: This is something I have been waiting for, for nearly 5 years. It only took 3 phone calls and me finally setting boundaries that she has no choice but to follow.
    I finally received the apology I’ve been waiting for, admission of her lying to my sister and brother-in-law, and I have stated, “I’ll call you when I’m ready to talk again.”
    By the time that call was completed, I felt as if the knife in my back was removed, and I was ready to see my psychiayestrist yesterday.
    Happiness scale bumped up to 7.
    Some may find this harsh, but after what they (family) has put me through for years… I feel vindicated of all the lies that were spread about me.
    I have no idea when I’ll pick up the phone and call again.
    Heck, the first time this was pulled on me, 3 months had gone by.
    Don’t get me wrong, I do love my mother, but I sure as hell don’t like her much anymore.
    As far as the rest of them… They don’t exist in my world.
    Today, feels like the first day I have taken my first breath. I’ve been reading, writing a little, and cleaning. It’s been a motivational high today. So, I shall end this with a solid 8 on the scale.
    I know this was lengthy, sorry. 😉

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