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Season 9 – Winter 2020

Season 10 – 10th January 2020

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Quote of the Day – Daily Topic

Brand New Day


“Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can.”

Douglas Pagels

Let me know your favourite quote topics from the choices below in the comment section please – Cheers Rory

Age Music Strength
Time Passion Truth
Beauty Life Nature

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7 Great Random Songs From 1955 – 2015








Let me know your favourite artists from the choices below please in the comments section – Cheers Rory


David Bowie

Elton John


Justin Timberlake

Tom Petty

Tina Turner


Pink Floyd

Have a terrific day folks!

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20 thoughts on “‘Have a Great Day Folks!’

  1. Disturbed is awesome! Their version of Sound Of Silence brings me to tears…its just powerful! Raspberry Beret & Artic Monkeys and John Denver and Mr Tambourine Man!! Great music for a fantastic, beautiful, GLORIOUS LITTLE YELLOW SCHOOL BUS Day!🎶🎉💃🏼 In less than one hour now, I shall have freedom. I’m so excited!!

    I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!🌞💌

  2. Hey,
    How are you doing?
    Quotes on life, music, passion 😊🙂 and Music Pink Floyd: What about us.
    Hope you are having a great day 🥳🎉
    Mine almost over. 😁

    1. Hey Kritika, many thanks for these – noted. My day’s not bad at all thank you – well here’s wishing you a lovely Monday evening [what’s left] and a great Tursday ahead 🙂

  3. Interesting mix to chose from there Rory just not enough to really grab a hold of the best. I like Pink floyd but not all of their songs. Justin T is good but have to be in the mood for him, Cher with Believe if you need a song to get you through school lol. Tom P is great Falling is my fave with him but like pink floyd its a hit and miss with other songs. Madonna I’ll listen if the wife has it on but to have to listen anywhere else I’d rather use a gun to my head. Trying to remember the other names you put in that list but yeah in the music that you played disturbed would have been the only one that I would have clicked on if I felt like listening to them lol (I overplayed the hell out of them the other day when I made it home safely) Good to see you though Rory

    1. Hey Stubby,

      It’s great to hear from you – l was thinking about you and your family the other day. The fires in Oz are truly upsetting and the photos l have seen you use before show me you are close to bush – so l am continually concerned – but am pleased you are still in good Stubby form.

      Thanks for the heads up regarding music.

          1. Every day l am reading the news, Suze and l both have family in Oz, l have my memories of the Big Country and every day l am just saddened – l have made countless donations to various charities in the last few weeks – they’ll not help bring the rain quicker, they’ll not help get water to the cores, but they’ll help someone and something somewhere – it’s the best l can little short of flying out and then being helpless to do anything of any practicality, but this horror sickens me and every day l am down with this terrible plight. It’s a very disturbing time for man and beast.

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