Blogging Insights #12 – The Tomorrows of our Today.


Blogging Insights # 12 — Your Blog in 2020 – Prompt byTanya of Salted Caramel


Where and how do you see your blog in 2020?

I am always working and tweaking with my blog to improve its overall appearance and structure – where l would like the blog to be is more or less approaching anyway which l shall answer in Q2.

In 2020 l still would like to see it enjoying the slow growth it has been experiencing since it began and l personally prefer but l want to see me in a different position as a writer and perhaps concentrate more upon a defined diversity within the pages of the blog itself.

Are you going to make any significant changes?

Yes, l have been making changes to my blog since July 2019 – it has been undergoing a facelift and a new branding experience and that will be completed sometime this month. I have been slowly working to achieve a very distinct look and feel to the blog that only a few people [Suzanne] know about or have spotted and paid mention to it in the last few months. 

‘I had a dream’, sounds so corny, however ‘l had a long range vision’ doesn’t have the same effect but it’s closer to the reality and the truth. I had a vision to conceptualise the blog to similiar to that of a working breathing quirky diversity magazine. Lisa has been helping make that happen.

The vision to create this ‘magazine’ feel to it was based on the initial thoughts of – l spend a lot of time here and in the pages sharing my mind to readers, but l wanted to be able to express and display to my audience how my mind works and so chose to ‘brand’ the blog and myself in the way that l have chosen – if that makes sense. The blog is the inside of my mind looking out looking in. That’s what l wanted to achieve. To be both writer and reader of my mind basically.

In your opinion how relevant or popular are text-based blogs (as opposed to vlogs) going to be in 2020?

Well the market is big enough for all platforms be this textual, vlogging or podcasting. I have plans to introduce a podcasting feature of my own this year and it is a very popular medium. Vlogging is supposed to be the ‘determined communications future’ and l can see that happening in the next five years – in so far as there will be way more visual blogs abound than there are now – l think that is quite an exciting concept [but equally very saddening] – it’s not new – but the changes will be quite distinct in so far as the blogging industry goes.

People are inherently lazy not just as readers but as gamers, and l mention this because these two genres are closely entwined.  We see various forms of laziness here in WP with regards reading as well as a market eager for more convenience and more and more people are shying away from ‘ actual reading’. As a long content writer l am all too aware of these changes, as a dedicated reader l am also aware of how the market is dramatically moving. As a once proud owner of an nearly 8000 book collection to a a few shelves now containing no more than 200 books tops – l am very aware of how book collection and ownership is in serious decline.

More readers want quick fixes, they want moving pictures and a faster moving world than we are all in, they expect more from little – if they are going to read from the future on, they are going to want to experience a very different formula – is podcasting and vlogging the future over textual blogging – yes – for now. But l think as our mediums and platforms change in the next five – ten years – so too will the way we communicate to our reading audience.

Reading is fast becoming almost a forgotten skill and will continue to be seen as a major problem as our education systems fail to produce the results of teaching the young of today for tomorrow – your question is an excellent question and way further reaching an implication than many may choose to answer.

‘Reading and textual blogs will never disappear as long as there are textual readers – but as we approach 2025 and beyond – the moves towards more vlogging and podcasting will become l think very apparent with regards readerships and ‘textual readerships’ will in the next twenty years not be around in the format they are today.

Five years ago, various professionals said blogs would be dead in five years time, they are not, they are now more prolific – but the change was a shift in who created them – so whilst more textual business blogs are finding the market hard, more domestic and personal bloggers started to create indie blogs – the textual blog may be dead for business but it’s nowhere near dead for individuals…. yet, yet.

But that could happen by 2030. People want tomorrow today – in order to survive you have to keep moving forwards – but as l said at the start – the market is ‘still’ big enough for all markets and platforms to function………………….

Thanks for the questions Tanya.

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      1. I think so! Starting to feel normal and even finding time to do things besides work and sleep. So…I’m hoping to get back to my blog, but thinking mine needs a facelift. A new direction.

  1. I dont know if anyone really WANTS to see inside my mind🤪😂 Its very untidy and rather Escher-esque.

    I see eggshell moments creeping back in. Good!! I’m excited to continue on the journey of your blog.

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