“Sh!” … It Happens!

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“Sh!” … It Happens!

It is no coincidence that ‘Shush It Happens!” Or Sh! It Happens resembles closely “Shit Happens! Because it does doesn’t it – all the time!  That annoyance known as Murphy’s Law has a lot to answer for when it comes to ‘strange incidents’, ‘bad luck’, mishaps, accidents and on occasion – those ‘horribly embarassing moments!

Now l do not often become embarassed  – l probably can count those times on both hands and not have every digit down, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen – it just means it doesn’t often happen!

But last night Suze and l were discussing ’embarassing moments’ and what were our experiences of them … for her it was when she was younger and she was making out in a boyfriends old car and a stray foot hit something or the other and the windscreen wipers started and whilst in the ‘throes’ of correcting that a random buttock hit the horn repeatedly to such a degree that the thing got stuck and wouldn’t switch off.

Mm, l wouldn’t find that particularly embarassing, funny for sure, but that wouldn’t make me flush red. However, l can understand why that would embarass Suzanne and maybe many others as well. I recall a time a few years ago when Suzanne and l were ‘busy’ and we were in a house we rented in the main bedroom, and this house had two doors for the mail to be delivered, one at the side near to the kitchen which is where the main bedroom was and the front of the house where the hallway was.

Neither of us knew that beautiful sunny lunchtime that the postman delivered mail to the side of the house, so whilst Suze and l were ‘busy’ she suddenly shrieked out ‘”Oh my god, it’s the fucking postman he’s delivering a package!” I yelled back, “No it ‘s not babes, it’s me!”

She suddenly shook me off and screeched ‘It’s the fucking postman!!” Pointing to the back door where the postman stood with a parcel waiting to be signed for, l waved to him and he looked worse than Suze and he waved back  with his head down and shouted “I’ll leave it next door! Sorry to bother you both  my bad, l will only deliver to the front door now!”

When he had gone, Suze was looking at me incredulously “You waved at him … when we, we were, we… you waved at him?? Are there no boundaries to you, do you never get embarassed??”

Of course that was the story that Suze brought back up yesterday and l struggled, and struggled and finally after ten minutes l answered with “Yes, when l was just married and my now ex wife and l were at the wedding party l had to give a speech to a hundred plus people l didn’t know from her side of the family.

Despite being a trainer l found that whole episode unnerving and not because l was speaking but because l was crying through those nerves at the time and people mistook it for me being emotional about being married to her and it embarassed me to think that people thought l was crying for her’ instead of looking at the fact that l was so very conscious and nervous about speaking to people that l didn’t know.”

That is my most embarassing moment for the last 26 years.

But that’s me … what about you? Any highly embarassing stories that perhaps even reduced you to tears or roll about the floor laughing or even bonking and honking at the same time? Let me know below.

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15 thoughts on ““Sh!” … It Happens!

  1. OMG You waved to the postman that is so awesome! I laughed so hard when I read that. I actually do not think that I have ever had an embarrassing moment such as these. I will have to put my thinking cap on. 🙂

    1. Hey Jay-lyn, well l figured what was the point in getting all ra ra about it. We were new to the property by about three weeks and were just starting to acquaint ourselves with everything .. l thought it’s done, whatever he has seen or not seen or think he saw – l can’t do much about it, so thought ‘just acknoweldge he’s there, what’s the worst that can happen now? The worst ha ha was that Suze became very wary of me ha ha for a long while, suddenly doors were most distinctly ‘shut!’

  2. I’m having a difficult time remembering anything that really embarrassed me. It didnt embarrass me on the New Years Eve or any of the other times I was busy and uninvited guests barged in. Hmmmm…. I’ll have to think about it. I can relate to your crying story. When I get very very angry I sometimes cry and people mistake the tears. I hate angry crying! Stupid tear ducts😠

  3. Hahaha I love the postman story 😁. I used to be very active in a Protestant church. For some strange reason the youth group went to see a stage version of “Hair”. The actors started the show with throwing out flowers to everybody and I wanted some. At the moment I shouted “Yes, yes” to a flower throwing actress one of the male actors asked “Do you want to have sex with me?” I just sunk into my seat and my blushing must have lighted the stage…. now I giggle whenever I think of it but back then I wanted to die 😁🙋‍♀️🐝

    1. Hey Bee 🙂

      Ha ha brilliant , the yes yes reminded me of that scene with Harry Met Sally – so l can imagine the scene perfectly, bet you are reticent if you have to say yes, yes again 🙂 Thanks for sharing the reflection 🙂

      Classic still laughing as l write 🙂

  4. LOL. I love how they thought you were getting emotional because of your feelings for her and it wasn’t that at all. Confusion can be so damn funny. Haha. In seventh grade, I was sitting in class when a girl said, “Hey, aren’t your pants inside out?” I looked down and sure enough, they were! I couldn’t believe I’d done something so stupid. Haha. I turned red and felt terrible but you know. You get over it. I guess you do. I still remember it after all these years, though. Haha. Great post!

    1. Hey Parker – you are right – it’s confusion that always manages to wangle and wiggle it’s way into humour. Have to laugh, l am trying to figure out how, you managed that. It makes me laugh, because l have done exactly the same thing with shorts mostly and tee shirts where l just haven’t thought about what l was doing until l noticed that my pockets [shorts] were on the outside then l realised why l would have this annoying pressure on my stomach ha ha, those buttons always pressing in 🙂

      Great share, many thanks for the laughs 🙂

  5. The one that comes to mind was early in my marriage. My parents had a habit of just dropping in, because I was single for such a long time (married at 34 years of age). One time after I married, they came to visit and after they had left, hubby was feeling frisky and we embarked on a rather noisy voyage. I thought he had locked the front door, he thought I had. My father, unbeknownest to me or hubby, had come back in the house to get something my parents had forgotten after they left. He quickly left again and told my mother they’d get whatever it was another time. Because hubby and I were ‘busy’. My mother, never discreet, blabbed all about it to me as soon as they got back home to their house. I was never more mortified in all my born days. It still gives me the creeps.

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