Gifting the Compliment

Gifting the Compliment

The Once a Weekly Gifting

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Gifting the Compliment Directory

This is not an award – there is no pomp or stand to ceremony – it is a compliment from my blog to your blog – l am gifting this to you because l thoroughly enjoyed the post you made on the days that l read them, and as a reader l truly appreciated them as well as you yourselves as writers, creators and bloggers.

So, thank you.

You are under no obligation, and there is no need to do anything further – with this gift – it is purely a gift.

For more information please refer to the link below which explains the creation and introduction of ‘Gifting the Compliment’.

The Sticky Ickiness of Particulars


 Complimented Post

Ribana of Popsicle Society

A stroll at the market


Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

Resolution Re-Solution


Gary of Bereaved Single Dad



Di of Pensitivity 101

I had a dream last night


Ashley – Mental Health @ Home

2020: New Year, New Bullet Journal


Suzanne of Ellie894

Happy New Year!


 Dr Tanya @ Salted Caramel

Friday Flashback–New Year’s Resolutions: keeping them through the year


Gifting the Compliment - Flower Version JPEG

19 thoughts on “Gifting the Compliment

      1. I am so sorry I missed that. I am living in a whirl of guests, weddings and events for the past two weeks so my presence on WordPress has been erratic.
        Profuse thanks for that one too 🎁

        1. Worry not Tanya – there isn’t any pomp to the Gifts. WordPress lets the side down badly for many readers because it hides notifications or they go missing – l only mention it if a gifted writer responds 🙂

          I no longer even tell people when l gift, because for some reason my comments often don’t get seen – so l have to just rely on the notification system occasionally working 🙂

  1. Thank you for the beautiful gift Rory 🌷 😊
    I really like all the thought and care you’ve put into this new “happening”. And this post itself has a wonderful flow to it! 🤗✨

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