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The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 11

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What is or who is The Really You? No, really, as in really you? Who are you really? That’s basically what this game is about – who are you – who is – the really you!

Every week – just three questions – about you to tell us!

How much Television [alternatively films through the PC/DVD’s or Streamed TV] do you watch per week, month or year?

I don’t watch an awful amount of regular television in truth as in the normal programmes as opposed to the likes of Netflix of Amazon Prime. My life style and brain constantly demanding stimulation finds ‘regular TV’  quite mundane and banal so l tend to not watch much in the way of regular programmes. Last year, prior to moving my den space from the larger room to the smaller room l now occupy in July, l had three screens on my desk. Two were desktop computer screens whilst the other was a 32″ flatscreen that was tuned into Netflix and Amazon Prime only.

We have Sky Cable Television on the big screen in the loungeroom, but again l rarely watch that now, although l watched a couple of films over the Christmas break. On average Suze and l were perhaps watching in 2019 a total of 45 minutes per night of Netflix series as a couple. Although Suze often in the evenings was watching a further 2 hours to wind down from working, whilst l was in the den writing.

When l did have the flatscreen on my desk last year, it would not be uncommon for me to be watching maybe ten hours of screen time a week whilst writing. Since the move to the smaller space, l now spend more time reading.

Suze and l decided last year that this year we would watch even less ‘screen time’ in the evenings – Sunday to Thursday, but make Friday’s and Saturday’s Movie night.

Now in the den l again have three screens, but this time they are all PC curved and they surround me with screens as l write and work.

This year therefore, l guess screen time might be around 3 hours a week for me and perhaps 4-5 hours weekly for Suze.

How do you keep yourself entertained?

Keeping myself entertained daily is a full time task. I don’t relax easily and my brain as aforementioned has to be stimulated constantly by sound, noise, colour, variety and diversity – hence the three screens … as l write now, all three are active and l have a total of perhaps 18 tabs open on a host of subjects from blogging to environmental, news, updates music [trance] is playing and loud behind the open tabs. I have my emails constantly open and l run two accounts. My blog is open on one screen in Microsoft Edge and on Firefox and my WP dashboard is open in Firefox.

I have my central screen with the weekly scheduler opened up and my desk is scattered with bits of paper, magazines and books. Currently in addition to the blogs l read, the posts l create and write l am in the process of reading six books – ranging from gardening, to humour to research.

I keep a series of journals on the desk in various sizes and if l am going out, l always take the small one with me as it slips into my trouser pocket so if when out and about ideas come to me or ‘overheard’ conversations l can jot them down for fresh ideas later. But l am always jotting down ideas and perhaps pen in maybe 30 fresh new blog ideas a day – of those perhaps 3% make it to the actual slot.

The den has a window that l can see directly into the garden so l am always looking out and watching nature at play. The walls are filled with inspiration and posters that further inspire and motivate me. But entertaining my mind also arrives in the form of wearing colourful clothing as vibrancy is all important to me as well.

When l want to chill out and down time myself, l tend to have a couple of hours gaming. I used to have a marvelous micromanagement game but that was hacked and so that has now gone, but l have returned recently after a five month absence from World of Warcraft to that genre and that allows me to relax, think and downtime very well.

Weather permitting, l attend to the gardening and composting as that enriches my state of mental wellbeing as well. So mostly for me entertainment is acquired through, music, gaming, writing and reading and gardening.

How do you prevent yourself from becoming bored and do you suffer from boredom a lot?

I don’t get bored, l work really hard to keep that problem at bay. By performing a series of routines that prevent it from entering my day – my golden rule of thumb is to keep my brain constantly stimulated and diversity and variety – always the spice of life and boredom killer. When young and by this l mean from around the ages of perhaps 10 – 15 l always struggled with boredom, back then l would have maybe 20 hobbies all running at the same time and that would work fine and the only time it failed miserably was when my parents wanted me to go out and interact with people – they classed it as social – l classed it as dull.

I would liven it up [outside playtime] but get into lots of trouble so then l would be grounded and my hobbies would be withdrawn and schoolwork put into its place … then l would get really bored!

So trust me l work hard these days to keep that lump of flesh between my ears busy and fired up with stimulation for good reason.

So there we go folks!

Three basic The Really You questions for you …

… now it’s your turn!

If you create a post with your answer please do remember to add a ping back to this post – l am currently not getting all the links and so sometimes l never see your responses, so a manual link in the comments also helps out – Cheers Rory

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15 thoughts on “The Really You!

  1. Very little television for me too, maybe a Netflix Sunday movie once in a while 😉
    Reading the blogs, writing, researching and reading is what keeps me entertained 😉
    I hate getting bored but with the little free time I have, luckily I don’t get bored 😉

    1. No, l don’t think you do have the time to get bored Ribana, but also you live in a vibrant part of the world with an exciting culture and brilliance in colour and scents and smells 🙂

      To me that is heaven … but what’s like for you?

      1. True, is really a vibrant part of the world and I realise it more when I’m back home in Italy 🤪
        When people are asking me how is there, my answer is: you must see it and feel it to completely understand it! Is a completely different world with interesting culture!
        I would say a must do experience in our life, if we are looking for some excitement 😉

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