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Plenty for 20! – 3

Plenty for 20! – 3

Plenty for 20 3 is the final episode for this week but will resume next week. Today’s episode will explore the Prompt and Game Genre l offer through the blog.

Prompts whatever spec you desire are available throughout WordPress each and every day and there are some excellent ones from equally excellent bloggers out there – l Gifted the Compliment to several the other day and will gift several more over the coming weeks. Prompters offer their readerships and audiences alike a whole spectrum of choice be this in the form of Inspirations, Words of the Day, Musical Choices and of course Questions galore.

Prompts offers readers and writers an opportunity to stretch their mental prowess and creative paws alike and allow their minds and intelligence to take them into the furthest realms as required when responding and answering. Prompts exercise our minds as well as encourage us to interact, engage and communicate with our communities.

I take every opportunity l can to play with prompts, although l am quite fussy with the ones l respond to, luckily l am never short of choices to actually take advantage of. With regards my own prompts – well l like them to be a little quirky many a time and l remember reading a comment last year from Fandango of This, That and The Other regarding a series of prompts l was publishing and he described them NOT in a derrogatory manner but an astute observation as ‘convoluted’. At that point l stopped creating prompts of my own for a while and decided to research prompts a little more thoroughly and l did so by watching how other bloggers reacted or didn’t to prompts by other bloggers and creators.

When they were reintroduced in my blog, l had defined them to my chosen field of passion – what is that? What prompts do l like for starters and how do l define what prompts l offer to my audience here?

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I tend to respond to prompts that really stretch my mind and make me think hard,  l love prompts that award me some real bite which is why many a time these days in the series Community Prompt Tagging – Well You Prompted Me!!  I tend to have groups of prompts gathered together and at times several days worth of prompts from individual bloggers so that l can literally bite into the challenge.

However that is just me … with a serious fascination with words l love to tickle and tease them to excite me and stimulate me further… the words l pick have to speak to me in such a way that l am tempted to play.

If not words then images – we all know images are worth a thousand words and l too used to have a prompt like that. [ 1000 Words Worth ] which ran for a couple of seasons during 2018 – 2019. Currently  Sadje of Keep it Alive runs a similiar series entitled ‘What Do You See?’ Which l take part in as often as l can.

But equally for many music and or film can allow them to be pricked and prompted to respond … so when l took my time out after Fandango’s advice [worry not mate, l wasn’t upset with you, just thankful]

I had to look at what ‘turned me on’ in a literary sense with regards prompts as well as flash fiction inspired games and l have run several of those over the last couple of years from poetry to challenges.

A Guy Called Bloke Feature 24 Hour Blog Question JPEG

Being naturally curious … l realised ‘questions’ had to be a chief consideration of mine – people love questions and throughout the blog’s life l have had and run several seasons and series of ‘question styled prompts’. Currently a series that is still enjoying Season 1 which began in June 2019 is 24 Hour Blog Question Directory and that may never have a need to extend to Season 2 due to its continued popularity.

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Question Fun JPEG

Another Feature is Question Fun Directory which is filled with various fun styled prompts and their respective series and seasons which began officially [as in being archived] February 2019. The current Season’s Game is The Really You which is on season 1, but that will be taking a break for a couple of season’s or so and a new ‘question styled game’ will begin in a similiar vein to that of 7 and Three Quarters Nutty but will be called 15 Ninths and 31 Shades of Ridikky!

I try where l can to create completely unique styled question games to offer entertainment to my audience.


With regards Prompt Games, well in fact Fandango’s comment wasn’t aimed at my question prompts but my gaming prompts and l am pretty sure if memory serves me correctly it was indeed referring to the ‘Once Upon a Blog Crime’ series which was a Blogger ‘Who Dunnit’ Styled prompt.  It was good fun but Fandango was right IT WAS convoluted!

Whats Your Story Then 2 JPEG

What’s Your Story Then?

So l stopped creating gaming prompts and concentrated upon purely creating question styled prompts. But 2020 is going to be different for l am again offering out ‘certain gaming prompts’ be these in the ‘wordy style’. Two were/are set for January launch – one is already active, having piloted for a couple of games and yes it is currently a little slow in take off but l am thankful to Paula of Light Motifs II who thoroughly enjoys them and l am sure that once it gets a little longer in the tooth others may take up the reins to this game in the future, like Sadje of Keep it Alive just has!

The Things People Say Everyday Folks JPEG

The other game set for a later January launch is The Things People Say which is still to be created, but that is just a formal thing of me writing it up in the directory. But this is principally an ‘Eavesdropping Flash Fiction’ game. There are four other question and game styled prompts to make an appearance this year regarding writing, music and film and books so l hope to be able to share my passion of these subjects with my readerships and l hope that you’ll like them as much.

Greater Impact Award Ribbon JPEG

Other prompts that will be making a come back will be the Greater Impact Writing Competition which will be present four times a year – Christmas – Valentines Day – International Pirate Day – Halloween – however the Christmas introduction didn’t go as planned – oh well such is life. We will see what happens for Valentine’s Day this year.

A Guy Called Bloke Feature 321 Quote Me Comm Prompt JPEG

The final prompt the blog offers and is currently on its fifth season is 321 Quote Me which began May 2018 and whilst when it began it was a’Tagging Prompt’ it is now a free for all prompt.

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Magazine on A Bench JPEG F

Later this quarter there be a Guest Writing Prompt introduced called Magazine on a Bench which has a few guest writers lined up, but more on this in due course. To be date confirmed also is a new series like that of the old Truly Inspired Interview series which ran for two seasons starting in December 2017 and finishing May 2019. This new series set for the second quarter of 2020 will be‘In-Blog Life’.

In Blog Life Font with Artsy Stamp

This is NOT the final design for In – Blog Life

But this will be a two fold ‘prompt’ of sorts – one in creational post format and the second in the form of the to be introduced New Pod Cast feature, that some of you may recall me discussing last year briefly.

Anyway, a bit longer than episodes 1 and 2 that’s ‘being prompted for ya’ But that’s Plenty for 20 [Part 3] and l’ll catch up with you and the series again next week.


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10 thoughts on “Plenty for 20! [3]

  1. I am always game to play along with your prompts, questions or games. Though sometimes there are time restrictions. That’s a lot for the shout-out. Would be eagerly waiting for your new prompts/ games.

  2. For a while all I was doing was prompts and it was fun and easy, but I dont want that to be my total content. I did a little reevaluating too😉
    I like that the prompts and games are there if it has been a while since I did a post and need inspiration.
    The one area I just never venture into is fiction. It’s just not my thing.🤷🏼‍♀️
    I’m looking forward to your ever evolving blog and the new stuff your brain comes up with.

    1. Hey Grandma, totally agree with you on that point – l didn’t want prompts to become my mainstay of the blog – l offer prompts, l do prompts, but at one point about 15 months ago, l was struggling to keep up with prompts – so l curbed my response to prompts – also now only allowing myself 4 posts a day – l don’t wish to waste my slots on just prompts of other people and not do my own stuff.

      Grouping them together in one post makes it a more enjoyable slot 🙂

  3. Sorry if my comment caused you to go off on a tangent in search of a different approach to your prompts. I do enjoy your prompts, Rory, but haven’t participated in too many lately because I’m up to my neck in a home buying, home selling, and moving process that is taking up a lot of my time and bandwidth. Once things settle down, probably late February or early March, I’ll be back full steam ahead.

    1. Oh my goodness Fandango – worry not – l mean that 🙂 I was grateful for the input at the time – it made me look hard at them and l am glad l did – so l welcomed the comment 🙂 Seriously l did, l know you are busy at present with house issues 🙂

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