Plenty for 20! [2]

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‘the Happening today’ is a new weekly series…


Plenty for 20! – 1

Plenty for 20! – 2

The “the Happening today” is not specifically a ‘mini series’ in itself, it’s a Promotional Feature l have introduced to my blog as a form of platform launch pad for new series, features and ideas l am planning on publishing in the blog. Currently for its launch l am highlighting plans l have for this year.

I can never tell who reads what and how they read it when it comes to my actual blog in comparison to the WP Reader – statistics only display so much detail and data and l don’t use any addons that l have deliberately downloaded for the purpose so l rely purely on the WordPress stats alone.

The reason l bring this up is that on the actual blog and not so much visible in the Reader – l have made a lot of ‘branded’ changes to the way things are viewed. Each and every week l tweak something more to hopefully make for an overall more pleasant experience for those who interact directly with the actual blog itself. I work continuously with my navigation and introduce Directories so that readers and visitors new to the blog can – should they wish find archived posts much quicker – l have a thing for keeping things and l know that many readers who read here, many a time read older stories and tales and so l try to ensure that their journey through my blog isn’t confusing and is up to date.

I might personally reblog a poem that l wrote last year and if the link is not corrected in a directory this means that irrelevant to how many times one presses the old link – you’ll not see the true linked piece until l have corrected the hyperlink. So l am quite keen to archive and always maintain my navigational directories.

The blog has seven prime tabs and six drop down tabs and l will never exceed that as l think ‘seven’ is an acceptable visual number for the eyes to feast upon. In addition to this l have tried to ensure that l have a lot of colour in the designs that l use in the whole branding process as l am a real keen fan of colour and vibrancy, as well as variety. My appologies to those of my readers who are colour blind however.

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I have recently introduced a couple of new ‘Feature Pages’ as well, which will only be spotted by those who travel through the blog itself and these are:’ New Series and Ideaswhere upon if l am toying with ideas and new concepts l post them within to ponder on further and this will become quite busy this year as l have a lot of ideas l am playing with for future insertion, trialing and piloting.

The other page is the ‘Monthly Features Page’ which is a quick go to for readers where upon they can view at a glance all the series the blog runs and maintains. That still has a small way to go before full design completion, but it does give viewers an idea of what is what and more importantly where those ‘whats’ actually are.

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One of the other purposes to ‘the Happening today’ is to serve as a form of ‘bulletin post publishing’. An example is that the ‘Gifting the Compliment’ whilst l, over the Christmas period dedicated compliments to various readers and their terrific posts and caught up with my backlog – it was at that time included within the first post of the day.

Over the holiday period l also ran musical dedications to various readers as well as the ‘What’s Your Favourite Day?’ promotion meaning that some of those published posts held a lot of tags for blogs.

I discovered and still discover that many readers who l complimented were simply not aware of the compliment itself – a notification either didn’t show up or perhaps a lot of blogs have external notifications switched off especially if they hold links and so my ‘gifted compliment’ notifications were/are never seen

So when l start to ‘Gift the Compliment’ again sometime this month l will create a ‘the Happening today‘ post which will only carry the compliments – that way they are not lost. I didn’t create the Gift for all the hurrah and pomposity involved like with the award ceremony – l created it, because l wanted to compliment writers on their content and l know how people feel when they receive these compliments – so l think it is fairer to writers and their blogs to see the compliments gifted in its own post space.

“Gifting the Compliment Directory’

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Doin’ The Dirt [Directory]  as a series has been running now since the Spring/Summer of 2018 – it kicked off at that point with Season one and it continued into Season Two for Spring/Summer 2019 with a Season Three for Autumn/Winter 2019/20 focusing mainly on composting.

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Season Four starts shortly and as this year 2020 is a Leap Year – the Season’s series will run for a full 366 days as l wanted to display to the readers a full year of gardening. Something l have not done before, as in, l usually grow produce only for the months of Spring through to Summer to some of the early Autumn months, but this year my plans are to also plant for the Winter months as well.

So Doin’ The Dirt …Eh Season Four will have it’s very own series and has its own directory as well … 366 Days of Gardening! [Directory]

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Anyway, that’s Plenty for 20 [Part 2] for the time being, more tomorrow, thanks for reading.


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  1. I’m sorry that I may not be seeing all that is on your blog page as I read on my app reader. But will visit your page.

    1. I wouldn’t worry Sadje, that is not specifically what l was refrring to – the question was an internal one to me. But you raise a valid point in so far as a series l will be creating soon called The Realistic and Cynical Blogger 🙂

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