Plenty for 20! [1]

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‘the Happening today’ is a new weekly series…


Plenty for 20! – 1

A mini series of my plans for this year in the blog with part one today and the remainder during the coming weeks.

Well first off a Happy New Year to one and all – so is 20 going to be our year of plenty? Rather selfishly for me, l hope so – but l also hope that it proves to be beneficial and joyous to you all as well.

I have a lot planned in for this year – last year l was working on creating new ideas, features, series, seasons and concepts for this blog and Lisa of Lismore Paper worked mighty hard to keep up with me and slowly the branding of this blog is nearing the completion and imagine that will be achieved sometime this month.

I have tried where l can to ensure that l can offer my readership a wonderful vibrancy in hopefully entertainment and fun – be this in reading, gaming and prompting.

This year, l plan to really fine tune a lot of what l offer and also work on improving my own interaction with the community – it can be very hard at times as we all know all too well to try and acquire the right balances between reading, writing and creating, nevermind trying to live your life’s requirements as well,  be this maintaining a job or a career, looking after kids and family as well as retaining your sociality with your ‘real life friends’ and our virtual ones and perhaps like myself trying to start a business and not procrastinate on the things you are reticent with over the things you know to be easier and perhaps more fun!

In recent months l have been guilty of ‘procrastinations’ regarding my own business, training and study commitments – it can be all too easy to find excuses to allow you the rights to say ‘oh well, this happened, or that happened’, yes all too easy. Admittedly 2019 had its fair share of obstacles to deal with and fight back from, but l am hoping that this year will be ‘easier’, l’ll not say better, because despite the problems of last year, l wasn’t overall seriously unhappy with my life, just looked at things with a ‘oh right another hurdle!’

Suze was dreadfully ill last year to the point that l thought l would lose her, and this knocked me for six both physically and mentally, my own shoulder screwed 2018 up for me and didn’t start to properly recover until literally five months ago, and of course with Scrappy’s diagnosis this just added to an already unbalanced apple cart.

Stress is a nightmare – not just for one’s head but also for stomach and gut health and l have to work bloody hard this year to get back to an acceptable inner balance after months and months of antibiotics and stress.

Scrappy is still in the land of limbo for Suze and myself, and despite that she is still alive and ‘well’ [dementia aside] we both know she’ll not be around forever and so must prepare for the loss of her companionship sometime in the next quarter – but she is a fighter – and if she gets her way, she would be with me this time next year … if she could.

Time will tell on that issue, time always does.

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This year, as said l have quite a lot planned in – not just for the blog and you all, but for me too … l have additional plans to write about all of my journeys –  so no one will be left out of the loop of ‘what’s happening then?’

Last year – l worked hard on reducing the sheer volume of posts l was publishing daily, and l have achieved that. In January 2019 l was writing, creating, publishing, reblogging and sharing ‘avge’ 18 posts a day. My target for December 2019 was to only publish 4 posts per day. I achieved that fully in October, well ahead of deadline.

This year l have plans to introduce a flexi slot on some days meaning that l will only look to produce 3 – 4 posts per day. I must look to restart work on an online business for Suze and myself which was put on hold back in August and l have plans to also work on another business related concept. Both of these will be discussed in the coming months for those readers who have an interest in such things.

These series are displayed below – one is yet to be created, whilst the other ‘The Positive Brain’ has commenced but has plans to further introduce ‘The Neutralism Plus Club‘, later this year.

Deep in the Amazon – A Seller’s Journey!

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My Journal – The Positive Brain

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One of the reasons l decided to change my Premium Plan and take on board the eCommerce Plan was to not have a traditional business blog as such in so far as presenting the blog as a commercial shop but to retain the current look, but like a car that has the ability to travel to faster speeds ‘if they are EVER needed‘, l too decided to change for this reason – mostly to acquire more space for expansion and developmental progression.

Classic Eggshell Moments – Redbubble

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I already have a business within the pages of the blog itself and that was present from January 2018, but l do not push my business down anyone’s throat and even when l have my digital business established and set up this year, my readership will hardly be aware of its presence. I decided against having my blog plastered with flashing and rolling advertising because l know how very frustrated l get when l see it all over the Internet so l wasn’t going to have it here to annoy both myself and my readership – which is why my business presence when it starts here will never be seen as an annoyance by anyone. It is simply not my way.

If l am advertising my Tee shirt designs, l create posts and yes – within those posts you’ll see the designs, but you are only ever directed back to an internal blog page with an internal blog link – it’s the reader’s choice if they wish to venture further – that’s where it stops – with ‘an individual’s choice’.

This year, and it started today, the daily posts will be changing their posted times of publishing slightly – tweakings to make it easier for my international readership.

Anyway, that’s Plenty for 20 for the time being, more tomorrow, thanks for reading.


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  1. I do appreciate being able to read without all those ads everywhere. Thanks for that Rory. Wishing you and Suze all the best in 2020.

  2. Impressive goals and ideals, Rory! Looking forward to this wonderful 2020 WordPress adventure and wishing you great success on every one of your projects. ✨ 😊 ✨

      1. Thank you. Love the “gifting” and I feel very fortunate! Had trouble liking and posting on your site. You may see several attempts. I’ll try the “sign-in and remember me feature.”—Best ❤️✨

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