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Meet Missy Joodles Oodles Soft!

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Missy Joodles sits far left bottom corner.

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Missy Joodles Oodles Soft!

Peter is not the son’s real name.

Missy Joodles came into my care and joined the merry crew in 2011 so that makes her now nine years of age herself with us and no longer a ‘baby’ by any standards, but in so far as a Beanie maybe 14 years of age.

Missy Joodles is a Ty Punkies Beanie sweetie. Her Ty brand name is ‘Baby Shreds’, which makes it all the more saddening that how she and l met was actually physically! How? I hear you rightfully ask. Well she was thrown at me! Well, that’s not entirely true – she wasn’t thrown at me, she was thrown at someone else in disgust and l happened to be passing at the same time and so Baby Shreds hit me in the face – luckily she is a very light little pup and so she wasn’t hurt during her flight time.

Her story today may be short, her stay with us all, much longer! When l used to rent the caravan 2009 – 2012, the son of my landlords was a youngster – he was 13 going on 14 when l first arrived in June 2009 however in the winter 2010/2011, he was 15.

He was an arrogant lad who was used to getting his own way, his parents had a lot of money and his mother tended to spoil her children .. so he and his sister both grew up with ‘a not wanting for much for long nonchalant attitude’ towards a lot of things and this too included people. In truth the son was more like this than his sister. I should imagine the daughter probably would have kept Shreds and would have had no true desire to see her flung at anyone let alone thrown around in both anger and hatred that cold and snowy day in the stable yard – which is where l had been mucking out stables when l happen chanced upon an argument somewhere in the yard between the son ‘Peter’ and a girl.

As much as l enjoy a spot of eavesdropping into the ‘Things People Say’ – clue there to our new writing prompt -, l had learned to switch off when it came to ‘Peter’ and his many girlfriends basically because when he was 15 it seemed that almost daily he was falling out with this girl or that girl! Peter was a good- looking young lad and the girls literally fell over themselves to be near to him … in their eyes he had everything …. money, the looks and confidence and what they didn’t know was that ‘confidence’ was actually more of a spiteful arrogance and deep ignorance combined.

He knew he was good looking; he knew people ‘respected’ his father through fear and so he, Peter garnered that in order to get what he wanted all he had to do was walk over people like his father did. Peter performed that ability very well and many a time l saw an evil glint in his eyes as he put someone down and yet if someone stood up against him, he was a coward … he would run home to his mother and father crying that he was being bullied. For a young man he had some very undesirable traits and of the many, his complete and utter lack of respect for anyone apart from himself was quite possibly the most odious in my eyes.

The saddest thing was that l felt that he was actually deep down a nice lad, but he was always trying to prove himself to his father and so a certain small percentage of me, could relate to that from this youngster as l had been in the same boat with my own father till my mid teen years. But l wasn’t a cruel young man like Peter was and l didn’t deliberately try and upset as many people as l could in any given week with intention like he did and treat it as funny!

That particular day in early January 2011, we had already experienced blizzards on the fens and so the snow on the grounds even with trampling on by the horses and myself it was still a good couple of inches deep and it was cold, not the warm cold associated with snow, but the cold associated with more blizzards to come.

My job that day was to clean the stables and create a nice deep bedding for the cold weather front, so in addition to vaguely hearing voices in commotion outside and keeping warm, l was forward thinking to the next three stables l had to clean out, having already done three.

I had just finished stable 3 and was just wheeling the barrow out of the stable, when Shreds hit me full in the face and promptly dropped into the wheelbarrow with the horse muck! All l could hear was a girl screaming and Peter running around the yard squealing in delight at the girl’s anger?

“What the fuck is going on here?” I shouted, “We have horses in these stables keep it bloody down, l don’t fancy them kicking the stable doors down!!”

The screaming stopped, but Peter was just laughing and laughing and pointing at a girl who was crying and he spluttered “She thinks she loves me and bought that stupid toy as a boyfriend’s gift!!” With that he came over to the wheelbarrow hoisted the poor toy up and went to pull it apart?

I grabbed the pup from him and told him to bloody grow up, and show some humility to the poor girl who was by this time sobbing. “Rory, you are such a poncy go gooder wanker! No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend!” With that he ran off into his house, leaving myself holding Shreds and the girl crying.

She, whoever she was came over and thanked me and when l offered ‘Shreds’ back, she said “No, it was for Peter!”

“Well the pup needs a home too you know with someone who’ll love it?”

The girl looked at me and said “Will you keep it safe? If so, you can have it – it’s oodles soft it is, but l don’t want her, it will just make me think of him!” She said pointing to the house where Peter lived.

“Are you sure?” I asked , looking down at the poor abandoned pup in my hands.

“Yes … thank you.” With that she turned on her heel and walked out the stable yard, down the driveway of the yards and then once on the main road she turned left towards the village. I never saw her again. I was left holding a Ty Beanie baby that was indeed oodles soft in January.

I decided to name her ‘Joodles’ and as she was a little pup at the time l called her Missy Joodles as that seemed rather appropriate. She fitted in very nicely indeed with my gang, and once she was washed and given a bit of repair TLC, she started to look like her old young self.

That’s the story of Missy Joodles who is Oodles soft!


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  1. First off, I hope that boy met his comeuppance at the hands of fate. Secondly, such a sweet thing to do. You rescued not only joodles but the girl’s dignity too. Bravo.

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