Well You Prompted Me!

Well You Prompted Me!

Prompted today by a host of Prompts, most notably the following …


Sadje of Keep It Alive  – What Do You See? #10


Paula of Light Motifs II – The Monday Peeve [TMP] #16


Di of Pensitivity 101 – Three Things Challenge #96, 97, 98 and #99

Evening,  Shirt,  BloodPet,  Cardigan,  HookSting,  Spite,  BiteTender,  Shocking,  Homely


Fandango’s One Word Challenge 23rd December – 30th December

MusicalOpen,   TheoreticalPopularTapeFrostFraughtGo


Kristian of Tales from the mind of Kristian – Word of the day Challenge[s]


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Keep On Walking!

In truth, it has to be said ,
There’s nothing truly merry going on in my head,
I think my brain took itself off on a hiatus,
… the moment we arrived in town and saw the latest,
In absolute fuckwittery and imbecility,
…. never mind stupidity and downright shittery!

What is it with people, or is it actually me?
Have l become that old and decrepit and grumpy?
Actually, no l don’t really think it’s me!
I think it’s quite literally the dumbness of society!
My Monday Peeve is NOT for the faint of heart!
Nay! Am fraught with so much grievance, l am not sure where to start!!

I assure you now, that this tirade of annoyance,
… is not just verbal flamboyance!
But completely Justified babble,
…for it concerns the disgust for a population of rabble!
Who seemingly think it’s perfectly fine
To irk me beyond recognition and blow my mind!
With their blatant and at times shocking spite!
I find that most of the time l must firmly bite,
… my upper lip and not react to their overtly musical,
And quite often melodramatical drama llama theoretical,
Nonsense! That defies logic!
… and if anything, purely proves that they are all idiotic!

There is nothing whatsoever ha ha ha,
About today’s ra ra ra!
People it must be said are without question … strange!
Which is already popular knowledge, so no change ..
… there, l hear you all say,
And you would be right, the population is in decay!

I feel that this close to the eve of the New Year,
Brings out the worst in people and their fear,
Of not having enough food to see them clear..
….. of a day! “Oh no!!” They must cheer!
We must take to the stores and deplete the stocks
… in case we run out and the night flops!

What would we do without the guidance of beer,
…wines, spirits, nuts and crackers for the arrival of the leap year?
That day surely needs to be under gauge?
We mustn’t do anything unusual and strange to encourage..
The arrival of an extra day, is 365 not already plenty?
Now we have to celebrate 366 in 2020!!

Is nothing sacred anymore, they all cry out in alarm!
Will this extra day cause us grief and or do us harm?
Hardly homely l heard one woman screech,
… at her bedraggled husband as he grabbed the last peach..
…. schnapps, ales and cans of shandy!
His shirt and cardigan akimbo and tangled,

Now he looked frosty, bloodless and mangled!

Perhaps at the start of the day he was quite handsome
… before he came to realise the 366 would claim his freedom!
That his screeching wife was not so tender…
.. as she drove her hook and sting and temper,
Into his very soul!
…I could see how he wished he had control!
But he didn’t, because all for the sake of one evening,
… his mind was now screaming and heaving!

“Curses to the 366!! …. It’s two thirds pet devil l will have you know!!”
“That’s paramount to a bloody solar eclipse, it needs to go!
“We are planning to tape it’s arrival for proof..
… present it to our YouTube channel as a non-spoof!
2020 is all about being open..
… and outspoken!!!”

I watched in shock and told myself to just keep on walking,
Past the sad state of this tinsel town’s upside down shopping..
…madness and thought of clowns and their colourfully vibrant balloons,
And fluffy clouds too and thought to myself it’ll be over soon!
So just keep on walking!

© Rory Matier 2019

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11 thoughts on “Well You Prompted Me!

  1. There’s a 50/50 chance I might need to be on the roads this evening, driving younger home then coming back to my house so I can have my car back. Other than that, I’m not venturing out except to walk the 80 yards (73 meters) to the corner market.
    People + intoxicating substances + “celebration” = noise & stupidity¹⁰.😱

    Very well done with the combination of prompts! I think you’ve played that song for us before too. It seems familiar💃🏼

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