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Does anyone have a date for when ‘reality television’ will cease to exist? Isn’t that like ‘due’ soon? I mean why are we allowing ourselves to be dumbed down like this? Isn’t seriously ridiculous TV advertising bad enough??

Rory Matier


But reality television is here to stay.

Cilla Black


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15 thoughts on “Random Quotes 483#

        1. Well the only ones who can is ourselves. In the UK a few months ago there was a programme about Reality TV and that people are tiring of watching them and they are apparently on the decline and yet having said that social media pundits promote them because they say ‘people’ want to watch them? Mm, no one ever asked me or you about it though ha ha – so l guess we are not the people that matter – but the general rule is when people stop watching them, there is no demand and they stop … but sometimes the theory isn’t always right ha ha πŸ™‚

          1. That theory is not true because of the false hype created. But we always have the option of turning off the tv of flipping the channel.

  1. I didnt know Serj had a solo album… I love his voice and SOAD!! Spectacular!
    Like him, I abhor the whore. Jerry Springer was mildly entertaining in the early 90s but, enough already!!!

    Can we go back to the original reality TV… Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom??

    1. Yes l agree Springer in the early 90’s was gentle and annoying but acceptable – but l long for a return of quality programmes. I saw some advertising last night and l was like WTF??? Are advertisers and Reality TV Producers completely out of touch with the rest of the world?

      1. I think we’re the ones out of touch. These shows wouldn’t still be on if people didnt watch them. That’s the new “dream”… become a reality TV star or YouTube star or Instagram influencer star.
        Very sad state of affairs!! I keep going back to the movie Idiocracy, but it really seems true. That movie and the book 1984.

        We have to keep chipping away at the collective unconscious and do our part to steer us back on track.

        1. Yes, you are right, l just said that to Sadje, that the only ones that can make them disappear is ourselves and yet the younger generatioons are quite taken by them, don’t get it myself.

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