Is Hello Enough For You These Days?

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Is Hello Enough For You These Days?

In a conversation l recently had with a neighbour, we discussed the whole greeting ‘shebang’ [yes that is my favourited word this week and l think this may well be the fourth time l have written it]. The question posed was ‘Is hello enough for you these days?’

Such an odd question l thought .. is ‘hello’ actually enough? As far as universal greetings go, what’s wrong with hello?

As much as a smile can make the difference to a person’s day can so too not the simple greeting of ‘Hello?’ Do we now need alternatives? I came back thinking about this, and how often l actually use the word ‘hello?’

The answer was actually not that often … l tend to say Hey There, Howdy, Hi There, How are you doing? I greet people frequently, but l don’t actually say ‘hello’ that much.

When walking Scrappy in the mornings if l meet anyone walking or walking their own dogs l am always greeting them, just being polite, the world’s a happier place in my books by being polite, saying ‘hello’, smiling – just being human to other humans.

A greeting says a lot about us, about our personality, our identity, our social beliefs as well as what we stand for – it forms part of our environmental stimulus package, how we cope with the world around us, the state of our happiness and our inner essence towards life in general.

We live in a world that is now dominated by social media, digital platforms, technology and gadgetry and yet despite being in a world driven by so call communications sometimes the one thing that is forgotten about is simply greeting people with simplicity itself – the smile or greeting that says “Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong!” Which in Transformer language is basically a ‘Universal Greeting’ for fellow galactical aliens and translates to ‘Hello!’

So, now l ask you … is Hello enough for you? Do you use the word Hello in greeting or something else? If you do, what do you say to people?

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29 thoughts on “Is Hello Enough For You These Days?

  1. I say hello when answering the phone. In person I usually say hi or hola or howdy or hey. I try not to say how are you unless I’m actually going to stop and wait for the answer.

    1. Ah yes of course, some people get caught up by saying how are you … l award people 90 seconds then l usually say ‘Oh right .. that’s good, look sorry got to go, l need a poo…”

      Works wonders – ask Suze, l actually say that to people – they look mortified πŸ™‚

  2. I had to think about this and – On the phone- Hello. Just passing someone by – Good Morning, Good Afternoon, whichever is appropriate. Time to stop and chat – Hi, How are you.

  3. I rarely use ‘hello’ unless I’m singing…is it me you’re looking for…πŸ˜‚πŸ’ƒπŸΌ
    I use Hey, Hi, Hiya, Howdy, Dude (it’s like Aloha, means lots of things), What’s Up, Greetings & Salutations, Hola…
    I dont usually say ‘how’s it going’ or ‘how are you’ unless I want to chit-chat.

    1. Hey many thanks for the tag in to Melanie’s SYW πŸ™‚

      Your comments are they disabled Tanya, l have noticed the inability to comment on many of your posts of late. Are your notifications ticked?

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