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The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 10

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What is or who is The Really You? No, really, as in really you? Who are you really? That’s basically what this game is about – who are you – who is – the really you!

Every week – just three questions – about you to tell us!

How often do you play ‘real vinyl music?’

I watched a film last night called Fishermen’s Friends which was an enjoyable unlikely but true story about a group of ten Cornish ‘shanty’ singers who were talent spotted by a record promoter and hit the big time with their songs and now although they have been together for a few decades are now more known Internationally. In the film was a small exchange of words between Tuppence Middleton and Daniel Mays where after a night out and listening to old vinyl records and drinking and dancing before they end up … well moving along!

Tuppence said to Daniel, that ‘people don’t listen to old records anymore, and that if anything all people mostly do is go to YouTube or where ever and simply click a button and download or listen direct to digital!” This made me think and for me, that’s the truth.

I used to have a huge collection of vinyl records singles and albums and Cassettes, but when l left home l asked my parents to look after them for me until l had my own place and was it okay to store them in the loft, however with my parent’s divorce everything l had stored was either thrown or sold on before l was even told.

But these days l do exactly as suggested in the film – it’s more convenient for me to simply listen to a hundred thousand songs [if l wanted to] via digital means … but how about you? Do you still have healthy vinyl collections and how often do you listen to them?

How often do you listen to music?

Sticking with the musical theme – how often do you listen to music? For me l listen daily or nearly daily – when preparing a lot of my musical themed posts l am listening, when writing, most days l am writing to loud music – so it’s not rare that for at least 6 days a week l have music on and playing.  But as l don’t have a personal music collection anymore – the only time l do listen to music is when l am working on the computer. But that’s me, how about you – is music a daily feature for you and if so is your music playing all day every day or just some times in the week?

Who are some of your favourite groups, bands, artists and musicians?

I know that this is a very broad question – whilst l listen to a diverse range of music from Country to Hard Core Rave, my own preference of artists really is fixed to a period of maybe 20 years only as in from 1975 – 1995. Further defining that my true genre era is probably 1983 – 1993 and it’s not that l dislike any of the other eras or genres but l like a lot of repetition in my music and so this strealines it down quite significantly.

But l can listen to a lot of cultural music as well from as above Cornish shanty to Arabian folk music – for me anything that has a great backbeat usually is what gets me up and dancing.

How about yourselves – favourite period in time? Favourited artists, groups – favourited gigs and so on …. what or who do you like the most?

So there we go folks!

Three basic The Really You questions for you …

… now it’s your turn!

If you create a post with your answer please do remember to add a ping back to this post – l am currently not getting all the links and so sometimes l never see your responses, so a manual link in the comments also helps out – Cheers Rory

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10 thoughts on “The Really You!

  1. Interesting I used to listen to a lot of music and I have very eclectic tastes. From folk to someone like LP, classical some dance music, some jazz,(my partners influence there.. I do have vinyl but as in your situation left behind, and it has probably been disposed of. I did move a few really cherished vinyl albums with me. Eagles, Cold Chisel breakfast at sweethears, ACDC TNT, ABBA, Sherbet (known as Highway I think is US), Depeche Mode, oh
    dear I am laughing now. My vintage is showing. Thanks a great way to get my mind active on a glorious Sunday here in Tasmania. Tazzie

  2. All my vynil is gone, gone, gone😢 I had stuff I had taken from my stepfather in that collection too… Who’s Next, Dark Side Of The Moon, Surrealistic Pillow, every Led Zeppelin… so much good music.

    Ah well, as you say, it’s just a click away on digital.

    I listen to everything except Country and even some of that is okay. I just cant listen to the really twangy stuff. It sets my teeth on edge, so to speak.

    The 80s will always be my favorite, but I have favorite songs from classical to today’s music. I listen to the radio in the car. Real, old-fashioned broadcast radio commercials and all. I sometimes listen to songs on my phone or tablet, but there is so much noise in my house when Ben is awake, I generally prefer the silence when I can get it.😉

  3. I saw this post when it came up but knew my thoughts would be too long to sort just then. Fishermen’s Friends are wonderful! Music! I could stop just there or keep writing for days and days. I have “go to” favorites that are a comfort of sort, much from the 80’s. But I enjoy a huge variety overall. From baroque classical to slipknot 🙃. Light classical in the early morning when I try to write. Lyrics pull me in and send my thoughts elsewhere so I try to steer clear of them until I put my pen down. 😂 I am always discovering new things and very happy to do so. I have a very few vinyl records left from long ago and I’m grateful for them! My mother was Not a keeper of much of anything. Now I’m adding to that. It really is a lasting musical medium that stands the test of time. Although it does take up space 🙃. The first two vinyl albums I recall were my dad’s. Ike and Tina Turner, Rolling on the River might have been the title and Fleetwood Mac. Sometimes I love silence!. But, I definitely listen to music everyday, cd, vinyl, digital. And when something new and wonderful finds me I love it on repeat! Oh and I miss the Original Mtv! So, yes…music, just saying 🙃🎶😂😊

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