‘Have a Great Day Folks!’

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“Have a Great Day Folks” is my first published post of the day – it is a Universal Greeting and Entertainment post for my readership. Let’s all be having the best day we can folks!

What’s your Day of the Week?

Do you have a favourite day of the week? There are seven choices starting with Monday and ending with Sunday – SO! What’s your day? Let me know below – this is a test to see who is reading 🙂

Hey, guess what?  

It’s Awesome Saucesome Saturday and you know what that means right ….

Kritika of Undressed Thoughts

Lisa of Lismore Paper

Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

Lady D of 3C Style

Clare of Dreams and Adventures of Cosy Cottage

…. That’s right ladies! It means have yourselves a fantastic day!


Gifting the Compliment

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Gifting the Compliment Directory

Gifting the Compliment

This is not an award – it is a compliment from my blog to your blog – l am gifting this to you because l loved the following posts you made on the days that l read them, and as a reader l truly appreciated them

So thank you.

You are under no obligation, and there is no need to do anything further – with this gift – it is purely a gift. For more information please refer to the link The Sticky Ickiness of Particulars at the bottom of this grid.

Lisa of All About Life

Interview With Author Lisa Keeble

Tanvir of Beauty Lies Within Yourself


Emzamy of Our Autism Blog

Please Santa…..

The Sticky Ickiness of Particulars

Welcome to Season 9

Winter 2019


Saturday Scales Its A Beautiful Day

It’s A Beautiful Day Directory

Quote of the Day – Season 9’s Weekly Topic – Living Life


“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

Amit Ray


Memory Lane the Decades JPEG

“28th – 31st December – Celebrating 2011 – 2019″

Let me know your choices below for the next three days please

2011 – Juju of Roijoyeux

2012 – Ribana of Popsicle Society

2013 – Barb of Bipolar Barb & Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

2014  – To All Fans!

2015   – To All Fans!

2016 – To All Fans!

2017 – To All Fans!

2018 – To All Fans!

2019 – Carol Anne of Therapy Bits

Have a Great Day Folks!

Saturday Scales Its A Beautiful Day

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18 thoughts on “‘Have a Great Day Folks!’

  1. I hadn’t heard that Marilyn Manson song… love you! He’s awesome anyway! Love Artic Monkeys too and 21 Pilots… LOVE them and thank you for Eminem!
    Great music today! Awesome Saucesome indeed!💃🏼

    I shouldn’t have read this before bed. Now I’m all awake and wanting to dance💃🏼😂


  2. Hey,
    Hope you had a great Saturday. The quote is amazing. Live in the moment. 🙂 Thoughtful
    Thank you for the dedication. Always enjoy your music choice and quotes 🙂

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