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Random Quotes is principally an imagination of creative thought and philosophy of interpretation to each individual.

Each singular post whatever the season – is a quote or sentence from myself – something l have said or written, married off with a quote from someone famous combined with music and film clips and an image.

I received an email once asking how they [the emailer] were to make sense of each Random Quote post? I answered with –

“That’s down to you, l create the post in reflection of the first quote or written statement and then l use art, music and film to further create the life or thoughts behind my quote. Each reader will view the post differently to the next and that is the true intrinsic beauty to individuality.”

Avoiding the wet dripping head!

Despite what l have said in the past – there are times when size really does matter! More so, those same times fall in line with your particular skill and capabilities with that size.

Sometimes however, too small just can’t cope with the quick and sometimes aggressive handling and too big can just suffer from a seriously bad and overly enthusiastic blow job!

I have experienced a couple of those over the years as well, and not only is it damaging and upsetting, but costly – because getting it fixed in this disposable society is not an easy task and then trying to replace it with a top quality  bit of kit isn’t always practical because like gloves, you are bound to lose one as well at some point, therefore my advice is to go for practicality – but make sure it’s not too small – there’s nothing worse that a soaking dripping wet head, you know?

With a bigger one, at least two can share in the comfort and avoid wet patching!

So with umbrellas? Size matters!

Rory Matier


“Rain is nature’s art; umbrella is man’s art. When you walk with your umbrella in a rainy day, you walk with a super art which is a combination of two different arts!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

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19 thoughts on “Random Quotes 478#

        1. Yes very much so, pretty much like the furstration you can experience with some rain coats .. when you need to zip them up in a hurry and the zips just don’t want to align, very fruuuustrating ha ha!

  1. BJ Thomas reminds me of childhood… he was a favorite of my mother. Him & Mac Davis.

    Yay for me! I guessed umberella (yes, I say um-ber-ella) before I read it☔ We need our umberelles… it’s been rainy here☹

    1. Well we had enough sun to do the job at hand and it wasn’t supposed to start raining again until tomorrow night … they got it wrong Again!! 🙁 Hopefully it’ll clear by tomorrow so l can do some gardening 🙂

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