Business as Usual or?

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Business as Usual or?


So here we all are Christmas Eve 2019, well that is for the UK and most of Europe. New Zealand and Australia are already at various stages of Christmas Day. The Americas and Canada are mostly in their afternoons of the 24th, Asia and so on are early morning for the 25th -and all the other time zones around the world have different times to celebrate as well as count down.

So what’s everyone got planned in for tonight, tomorrow and the rest of the week till New Year’s Eve?

For me and Scrappy, or is it, Scrappy and l, are here in the house by ourselves until Saturday when Suze returns from spending family time with her son and his family in Devon. Scrappy is currently spending most of her evening time in the land of K9 dementia and has been pacing, puffing and panting since 5pm, going to be a fun few days until Suze gets back and her K9 routines can stabilise again. [The pacing plus activity is starting to drive me a tad insane and will probably continue till around midnight.]

All pending of course on the weather which was kinder during the day time of yesterday and today, but it is once again raining and has been since 3pm!!! I have plans for catching up with the gardening before 2020 if possible, small amount of blogging and perhaps some gaming and basically chillaxing as much as my mind allows for.

As most of you know, Christmas isn’t really my thing. I don’t spend it with family, there is only my mother really, but she is with friends so she is fine, and my sister well who knows what’s going on in her world, because l don’t.

I haven’t really ever been that big on Christmas – my father detested it, so deemed his family unworthy of celebrating it, my own Asperger’s l think derails a bit of it as well as ‘just another day’ which it is of course. Working with careers for years corporately in either catering, retail and even the adult industry it was always just business as usual and even with my own business with the animals, well animals don’t celebrate it … so l don’t have any fondness for it.

But that’s just me, what about yourselves, what have you got planned in from now till the 31st December? Anything exciting or is it the same for you too – Business as Usual?

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24 thoughts on “Business as Usual or?

  1. Absolutely business as usual – just another day of the week – tho Christmas being on a Wednesday kinda messes with our weekly grocery shopping – (we normally shop on Thursday but I doubt there will be anything on the shelves or fresh anything seeing as how the store is closed all day Wednesday and doesn’t re-open till 8am Thursday.) Same for New Year’s Eve and NY’s Day – and every day in between – all the same.

    1. Hey Ashley – yep pretty much the same – a morning special lined up, but l never seemed to be able to get excited about it all – having said that – you know l wish you greetings all the same 🙂

  2. We are cooking a ham and Cheesy Taters today. We will bake cookies (from a mix😉) later. We haven’t told Ben that it’s Christmas Eve. He can just be surprised in the morning. Tomorrow morning will be a chaotic half hour of shredded paper and barking dog and then, hopefully, quiet relaxation.

    Then it’s just survival until January 6 and the return of the glorious little yellow school bus 💃🏼

      1. Well hopefully you have the sun with you this morning like we do, hard rainfall again last night, what’s new right? Maybe l can finally get this garlic into the ground – have a great day 🙂

      2. Ben did well this morning. He woke me up at 5, noticed the presents under the tree at 5:15 but waited until 7:15 when Older daughter got up (she’s been recovering from an acute respiratory infection) to open them. He got the paper off everything and then started to see what he actually had.😂
        I dont think son’s system of spreading the presents out would work for Ben. Too much over too long. One big blast works best for him. Just shows how very differently autism works with each person.

        No OTT, I’m happy to have you visit me😉

  3. Business as usual! But I’ll be posting less as most people who read are busy with holidays.
    Wishing you a very happy new year and Merry Christmas too.

    1. Hey Sadje, in fact l have noticed people read as much as they have more time – they just don’t always interact as much – have a lovely day in all that you do 🙂

  4. You are having Jay-lyn Christmas!!! After Tember gets picked up on the 25th I am alone and I eat what I want. Watch what I want. Nap if I want. It is a day to do Jay things. I have people saying how sorry they feel that I am all alone. No no feeling sorry for me this is exactly what I love to do. 🙂 Merry Christmas Rory.

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