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Random Quotes is principally an imagination of creative thought and philosophy of interpretation to each individual.

Each singular post whatever the season – is a quote or sentence from myself – something l have said or written, married off with a quote from someone famous combined with music and film clips and an image.

I received an email once asking how they [the emailer] were to make sense of each Random Quote post? I answered with –

“That’s down to you, l create the post in reflection of the first quote or written statement and then l use art, music and film to further create the life or thoughts behind my quote. Each reader will view the post differently to the next and that is the true intrinsic beauty to individuality.”

Battling the Urge to Bulge!

Do l have a fixation on size?

No, most assuredly not – personally l prefer everything to be quite small … well within reason, but as they say it’s what you do with it that matters not how big it is! But l have noticed that some like things to be not just big, but seriously big, uncomfortably big, massively huge!


l think it’s unnecessary to be that ostentatious with your bulges!

My rule of thumb is that right?

Rule of thumb? How strange??

Anyway, my rule of thumb is this – there is a time and a place for things that bulge and there are times when l truly enjoy seeing that bulge, but generally, l think wallets should not! You’ll probably get robbed and then seriously turned over when they realise it isn’t money in there but everything bar the kitchen sink!!!

Bulging and bulges like that prove Jack squat! Furthermore, a bulge like that is virtually impossible sitting!


If I’m in a bad mood, or if I’m uncomfortable, it’s probably what I’m wearing that’s making me feel that way.

Billie Eilish

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