‘Have a Great Day Folks!’

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Have you seen this? December 2019

“Have a Great Day Folks” is my first published post of the day – it is a Universal Greeting and Entertainment post for my readership. Let’s all be having the best day we can folks!

Gifting the Compliment

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Gifting the Compliment Directory

Gifting the Compliment

This is not an award – it is a compliment from my blog to your blog – l am gifting this to you because l loved the following posts you made on the days that l read them, and as a reader l truly appreciated them

So thank you.

You are under no obligation, and there is no need to do anything further – with this gift – it is purely a gift. For more information please refer to the link The Sticky Ickiness of Particulars at the bottom of this grid.

Ursula of An Upturned Soul

One cycle ends and the next begins

Today’s Blog

A Small Town Christmas

Lady D of 3C Style

When Fashion And Nature Collide: The Camouflage Edition

The Sticky Ickiness of Particulars


What’s your Day of the Week?

Do you have a favourite day of the week? There are seven choices starting with Monday and ending with Sunday – SO! What’s your day? Let me know below – this is a test to see who is reading 🙂

Today is … Sunday Funday and is dedicated to … Kritika of Undressed Thoughts and Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

Have a truly lovely day ladies!!!

Welcome to Season 9

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It’s A Beautiful Day Directory

Quote of the Day – Season 9’s Weekly Topic – Artistic Creativity


After pop art, graffiti is probably the biggest art movement in recent history to have such an impact on culture.

Jeffrey Deitch



Wednesday 01st 2020 is 11 Days away!

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But …. New Year’s Eve is the previous night MEANING it’s 10 days away – so what are your choices for the Night Time Party Mix – am l really the only one that is going to be here on my lonesome??


Memory Lane the Decades JPEG

“I Love The 70s – Sunday 9!!” Dedicated to ALL 70’s Lovers!

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Let me know YOUR 9 favourited tracks in the comments section below of YOUR favourite Decade!

1979 – Betty of Guideline’s Web

1978 – Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind



1975 – Cheryl of The Bag Lady and Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess and Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

1974 – Gary of Bereaved Single Dad

1973 – Suzanne of Ellie894

1972 – Paula of Light Motifs II and Fandango of This, That and The Other

1971 – Kristian of Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table

Tomorrow – all the 0’s!!

Let Me Know Your Memory Lane Tracks for Tomorrow?

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29 thoughts on “‘Have a Great Day Folks!’

  1. Hi Rory, It’s still technically morning here so I think it’s safe to say good morning from Texas 😊 and a good afternoon to you there. Hope your Sunday is supremely superb!. Thanks for the AC/DC 😊 and I’ll be revisiting yesterday’s tunes too 🎶

  2. I like graffiti art better than pop art. Some of the stuff is truly amazing!

    Another great list of tunes!💃🏼

    Hope your Sunday had some 🌞. My Sunday is better than my Saturday was so far. 🤞🍀it stays that way!

    1. Hey Grandma, l totally agree, some of the Graffs Artists are truly wonderful 🙂

      Sunday had a bit more sun than yesterday, but l had a great social lunch today with Suze’s cousin so all good 🙂

  3. My sunday was no phone day. The internet here was on and off due to the chaos in many cities. Still only the wifis are working.
    The quote is amazing and
    graffiti actually impacts the culture at a large scale.
    Thank you for the dedictation. 💕

    1. I am sorry to hear that Kritika, but glad you still found a way through 🙂

      Always a pleasure.

      Yes, graffiti does have a powerful message not just in art, or culture but it speaks the voice of the people 🙂

  4. Saturday is my favorite day of the week. The kids are usually sleeping until 10am and there is no noise in the house!!!!!! Lol Simple pleasures. Great choice of music BTW.

      1. Thank you Rory for your support, generousity and heartfelt gift. 🙂 I truly appreciate, and yes you are right about the lack of time —I did asked Santa for more precious time! Unfortunatly, I am still waiting. I think that I am on his naughty list… Merry Christmas and all the best to you and your loved ones for 2020.

        1. Ah the naughty list – well such is the way of life eh – if you are going to be naughty then be deliciously naughty – it’s way better than just being plain naughty – that’s so ‘passe’ 🙂

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