Have you seen this? December 2019

Have you seen this?

I have a number of different ‘promotions’ ongoing in the blog ‘A Guy Called Bloke’  and l just wanted to take the time to highlight some of them to you all, in case you were interested in joining in?

Sometimes posts are liked and not read and sometimes when this happens, things are missed … here’s a gentle reminder as to some of the things you may have liked but missed …. equally, perhaps some of you have not seen these promotions and might be interested in taking part.

This post contains links to posts within my blog, in order to read that content you will need to press the link.

Let me know in the comments section below!

Many thanks – Rory

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Greater Impact Writing Competition

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Now this is currently active until the end of this month 31st December, the link is below – however in summary it is …

How do you think you might ‘fare’ as a writer for this competition?

Commencement date – 9th December 2019 – 31st December

In order for each entry to qualify the following must be adhered to:

Short Stories, Tales or Discussion – 1500 Words maximum

Poetry [Rhyming or otherwise] – 50 Lines maximum

Creative Artistry – No more than 7 original images [Memes/Artwork] and 600 words max.

Check it out.

Greater Impact Writing Competition


1st @ £75, 2nd @ £50 and 3rd at £25.

These will be awarded to the winners via email in the token of Amazon Gift Vouchers.

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What’s your Day of the Week?

Do you have a favourite day of the week? There are seven choices starting with Monday and ending with Sunday – SO! What’s your day? What day would you like dedicated to you?

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New Years Eve Party Mix!


New Years Eve Party Night Countdown JPEG

Come on – help me put together the New Years Eve Party Mix!! It’s soon to be 2020!!  What WOULD be on your list?

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Down Memory Lane

Memory Lane the Decades JPEG

Down Memory Lane

Each reader that wishes to take part needs to email me with the following information …

Your Desired Decade of choice from the list below

1959 – 1969

1969 – 1979

1979 – 1989

1989 – 1999

1999 – 2009

2009 – 2019

12 Favourite Films from the decade

20 Favourite Songs/albums/tracks from the decade

12 Favourite Personal Moments from the decade

For those interested in taking part please email me your information to :


……….. with your email entitled

My Down Memory Lane!

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