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There are some things that should never be done at home …. Dentistry is one.

Rory Matier


“Is this a torture chamber?” Puck asked eagerly. “Listen to all the suffering! Isn’t it cool?”
“This is a dental office,” the receptionist explained. “People come here to get a healthy smile.”
There was another groan.
Puck laughed. “Sure! That guy sounds like he’s smiling alright. Are you hiring?”

Michael Buckley

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15 thoughts on “Random Quotes 474#

    1. Had many a bad experience there sadly Sadje … one time this old boy was due to retire, he didn’t want to retire but he was asked by his partners to retire, so for the whole day he did bad things to people’s mouths, he pulled two teeth of mine when l was about 12 that didn’t need to be pulled, in the end he was struck off, and charged with assault and indecent behaviour because of the naughty things he did to other people!! If only he had just accepted retirement … so yeah, dentists and me have a bad rap .. he was the very first of a line up of bad 🙂

      1. That’s so bad. Hope he got jail sentence. I don’t like the dentists much as I have suffered from teeth troubles all my childhood.

  1. I didnt have my first cavity until age 17. My wisdom teeth came in easily. Great teeth. Then, work comp, meds, loss of dental insurance, blah, blah, blah… now I can easily “take my teeth out” because I have full dentures.
    The removal of all my broken, rotted teeth by the oral surgeon before getting the dentures… well, let’s save that for Halloween.

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