Share Your World: 16 [17] – 12 -19

Share Your World: 16 [17] – 12 -19

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Do you enjoy receiving Christmas cards through snail mail? 

It doesn’t bother me in truth, l rarely receive Christmas cards, this isn’t saying l don’t receive any. I would always get them from both of my parents. Obviously with dad passing last year, he will not be sending one this year, but l did receive my mother’s this year. That will be the only card l receive via normal mail to me personally..

On average l get/got four cards a year to me personally, in comparison to Suze and l as a couple. Two parents well – 1, Suze and Scrappy. Suze gets way more cards than l do as in personally and they might number to a dozen.

On a couple basis we perhaps get maybe another dozen or so tops? I don’t know. Christmas doesn’t bother me, and l am more in line with Festivus than Christmas – it’s all this fuss for a mere day and then blurp and bluuck it’s gone. It’s overrated. But Suze, she hangs them, but l don’t really look at them.

Do you like the taste and/or smell of peppermint?

Yep, l love all the mints.

What is your least favorite holiday side dish?

I am on such a different way of life diet now, l am not even sure what a normal side dish might be? But l love food, so l’ll eat most things be they in front, behind or beside me.

What is the coolest (best) gift you ever gave someone?

Mm, that’s a good question Melanie!

I tend to buy practical gifts and not so much ‘cool’ gifts …this year l have got Suze some really nice vouchers to a favourite spa of hers, erm, l paid for the cars complete overhaul [that’s not a Christmas gift] but again, the car is essential to her for work and it was expensive with new tyres and a new brake system so it’s needed.

Plus l have just bought her a DNA testing kit because she wanted one – but wouldn’t buy one herself, but l have also bought one of those for my mother as well as she too said she would love one … no, neither of them know that and no, neither of them read my blog! [Although in truth Scrappy bought the kit for her Mummy!]

Suze is really hard to buy for and there are very few people l do buy for to exercise this ‘coolness’, and l am virtually impossible to buy for and most times tell people to please not bother and if anything thrill me by buying a Christmas box for the homeless. Both Suze and l made a Christmas donation last year to the Homeless charity here in Kent instead of buying gifts for people.

We only buy gifts for ourselves and not others and tell people to please give their gift monies [as in if they were to buy gifts] to local human or animal charities.

Bonus question because I thought it was nifty:   What is a Christmas song that makes you cringe?  

Actually they kind of all do, but a seriously bad contender might be this !!



Please share some of your favorite music around this time of year. 


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8 thoughts on “Share Your World: 16 [17] – 12 -19

  1. Please tell me that Bloopy thing isnt real.
    My daughters love Christmas. For me, it’s just stress, stress, stress and has been since they were little. They understand (a liitle) about the stress I went through, but mostly they remember the magic, so I guess it was worth it???
    I got a card from one of the charities I support. I might get one from my attorney 😂😂😂

  2. Thanks “Santa” Rory for Sharing Your World!! GREAT MUSIC btw!! I’ll pass on hearing that blobby thing….if what Angie says is true, it’d really traumatize me. All your answers were superb too. Just curious – what’s the status of the Christmas Writing Challenge? Did enough people sign up or is it cancelled. The notifications from your blog are still spotty on my end. 🙂

    1. Hey Melanie, pleasure as always.

      Writing competition – well l am astonished actually a the complete lack of response.

      I had/have two judges lined up and one entrant which you. I have plans to push it again this week … but as said l am astonished at the lack of interest from a plethora of ‘fiction writers’ and writers alike.

      It has been a learning curve into how WP works mind wise, and l think the next time l push it, l am going to revise it – l think a lot of people read exclusively in the reader – if they only see the first two lines of something and it holds no interest they don’t bother opening, they purely hit like or move on.

      So because l only rely upon direct access to readers blogs l don’t think in Reader terms – l have to now think in reader terms – it’s the reason l detest the reader so much as it makes a lot of people very lazy.

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